Sunday, July 17, 2022

Online comments after NZLvIRE 3rd test

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin But for a blip at the start of the second half, we eye better all day! So pleased to see the lads prove how good they are. This is awesome!

Noel Hewson Ah lads what a day

Gav Hegarty My flight took off ten minutes into the second half so I had a very nervous two hours in the air wondering what happened!

Just watched it back tho, we dominated. Every player played interchangeably. Each forward being involved as a switch or a pivot, exceptional stuff.

Can't decide if nz were that bad that we were allowed to play or that we were just too good? Either way we had the plan to win and we executed it 100%.

Beirne my motm, he's really a big game player now and seems to get James Ryan firing also.

Andrew Potts It's something I never expected to see Ireland winning a test series in NZ.

Winning a WC is easier.

A stunning achievement by Farrell and Catt with maybe a little player development work by Lancaster at Leinster.

I firmly believe they as coaches have delivered results greater than the sum of the parts.

The very definition of a good coach.

A stunning day for Irish Rugby

Brian Corr This has been a wonderful series, I remember Talking to an Aussie after the draw (in was it 2012) and he said wow Ireland are a good team. It’s taken a decade but I think this respect has grown a little over this decade.

I think a few things were learned, first is with right preparation the old excuse well they are at the end of a long season is pure shite.

On the other hand what could be said is when travelling so far it takes time to acclimatise, as was seen by all the errors in Irelands first two games. Maybe that’s more a reason the ‘tired at the end of a long season’ is trotted out.

I think Ireland got the rub of the green with cards, I think Porters yellow was ok to the letter of the law as he didn’t step into the tackle, but Aki could easily have seen red, TMO not bringing it to the refs attention🤷🏻‍♂️, with neutral glasses on you could say this equalised the Barrett one in the first test.

Ireland have still so much to improve on which is great, coming off that with no work ons would be a disaster.

NewZealand have some wonderful players the fact Ireland had the moves to bounce them around the field was exceptional work from the coaching team as well as the team on the pitch to implement it.
I am so unbelievably delighted with this performance and look forward to seeing more progress, Ireland are in a great position to develop their game.

The big thing coming in a few months is to see how they’ll change to neutralise SA, you can’t but be excited to see what comes.

Michelle Tobin Peter O'Mahony 💚

But seriously, what a game. Epic defence. Some incredible tackles put in at key moments. No passengers today, warriors.

Sharon Murphy Proud

Colin McConaghie History makers! Was almost more satisfying that the AB’s came fighting back and we could have buckled but we went again, weathered the storm and sealed the win. Have been critical of Andy Farrell but really starting to see what he’s building and he deserves a lot of credit.

Martin Loughrey An incredible performance by the boys in green. Completely dominated the 1st half, NZ had a purple patch at the start of the 2nd, but we kept our composure and closed out the game. Simply outstanding. I rembember after the first few games of Farrell's tenure I wasn't sold on him and felt he was a bit out of his depth, but how wrong was I. He has done incredible things with this team. This win (I believe) brings us to No. 1 in the rankings, and while we've been there before, if I remember correctly, we got there because of matches played by others. Not this time! The IRFU need to get a contract extension sorted ASAP or he'll be the England coach after the WC.

John Willie Conroy Farrell's Ireland team have come of age with skills physicality but more importantly developing the mental side of the game and not cracking under pressure like past Irish teams. Still loads of work to be done and dept added to squad but fantastic work from coaches and team. Ireland Abu 🇮🇪

Chris McDonnell Absolutely magnificent. Only question is why would you take off a tackling machine when you go down to 14 for the yellow.?

Jack O'Dea (reply to Chris McDonnell) give him a ten mins rest. He did make 22 tackles. He needed the rest.

Aaron Grogan What a game of rugby 🏉

Martin Lynch 😆🕺🍾🇮🇪🏉🍺

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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