Sunday, July 10, 2022

Online comments after NZLvIRE 2nd test

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin Great result. So pleased to see players stepping up and doing the right things. Got a lot of the simple things right, played the ref much better than last week most of the time. I want to see us play with that intensity all the time. Need to convert scoring chances much more efficiently next week.

Chris McDonnell What a win. Super performances all over the pitch and still the begrudgers are out in force.

Gav Hegarty Ok so it wasn't just the victory, it was the manner of it. We never took a step back. Truly outstanding from 1-23. Bundee comes in early and was in line for motm. Henshaw was next level good. Pom and doris just a menace to them at every chance.

It's going to be so interesting how the media in NZ react, no doubt they'll blame the ref or the red.

Also how does it happen that they have too many players on the pitch? Cannot have been accidental.

'New Zealand should have therefore been briefly down to 12, akin to Italy in the Six Nations, who only had one player sent off but were reduced to 13 because of the laws.

Jaco Peyper evidently didn’t realise it and it benefited the All Blacks who had enough men on the field to pressurise the Ireland backline and force a knock on.'  - from Planet Rugby. 

It would appear that the all blacks are still above the law!

Craig Grehan Ireland held their nerve. And some players putting a marker down.

The back row showing their A GAME.

Greg Kelly Great Performance. I think its been established in many games of rugby that playing with 14 is easier in some ways. No expectations and you can still defend effectively with 14. Ireland imposed their gameplay on New Zealand but forced the play a bit when it was 15 on 13.

Will be interesting to see if "Progressive Rugby" weigh in on the hit on Hanson. Clear contact to the head with force and high degree of danger. The chest contact is irrelevant if the player is out of control and the shoulder is always on target for the head.

Andrew Potts A win in NZ is some achievement by Farrell and his team.

That will give us a little respect

Gerald Williamson A historic first Test win in NZ. This was an immense performance, especially in the second half by Ireland. Bundee and Ringrose controlled the midfield. There are so many who deserved player of the match. Up till he had to be replaced by JC , Johnny as captain , led by example, making good decisions as captain The back row created havoc amongst the Kiwis. In the end , I go for Johnny as POTM on his leadership skills.

Jeffrey Winch Ireland and Wales both winning, against those two teams, great stuff.!!

Brian Corr At last Ireland get what they deserve.

It was still a bit nervy, they got a little luck like when they got a penalty off the line out after messing up a complicated move against 13, when probably flinging it out would have broke the line.

Why does Jaco Peyper start all his analysis with well it’s mitigated because instead of waiting to see all the angles, should have been two reds. I still think it’s funny he was a hometown ref and they had two yellows and a red. Showing they are not used to reds by removing arguably their best player Savea and so ending his game. You have to love them trying to bring him back on.

No cover, tackle man off the ball no penalty try🤪

The New Zealand players were saying last week that they will do anything to win, reading the rule book doesn’t seem to be anything.

Unfortunately felt Lowe butchered a real chance when skipping Hansen.

Hopefully with all the cards today, next week will see a good game with 30 players on the pitch for 80.
Ireland struggled against 14 man England, is this an issue for us?

Sean Michaels Breathless stuff, despite having to contend with some bizarre ( to say the least) officiating we kept our composure for an historic win. We managed to build a solid foundation up front, more than matching NZ in the scrums with stand out performances from Porter, POM and a special mention for VdF, the man is a tackling machine. Bundee Aki was immense when he came on for Ringrose and will surely start next week and will form an impressive partnership with an in form Henshaw. I think that win will move us up to 3rd spot in the world rankings, going above NZ, heady stuff indeed

Colin Mcconaghie First half I felt we allowed the emotion to dictate and we didn’t take advantage. Second half we were ruthlessly professional and got the win our dominance deserved.

Elizabeth Hackett (reply to Colin McConaghie) true , we should have taken advantage when we had them well and truly rattled. We deserve that win.

Noel Hewson Finally we get the NZ monkey off our backs over there. Porter and POM were top performers for me. Not perfect by any stretch and I’d expect a number of changes ahead of the last test. But let’s enjoy this win first. 😀

Catherine McGrath AWESOME

Ronan McManus The incredible turnaround in the set-pieces, and the ref pinging ABs for AB stuff, was the difference between this week and last.

Still a lot of things to work on but its very encouraging for the last test (which is going to be savage!).

Ian Doyle Dominated start to finish, porter outstanding after a poor performance last week, fcuk all the haters, COYBIG

Kevin Kelehan Feels even better than Soldier's Field! Last monkey off their back

Paul Sheridan (reply to Kevin Kelehan) next monkey to lighten the load is to make it past the Quarterfinals at a World Cup.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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