Sunday, July 03, 2022

Online comments after NZLvIRE 1st test

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin Two things are certain against new Zealand... They'll score from nowhere and they'll get away with things that they shouldn't. We have to learn to play that, and play the ref.

They got the luck of a couple of bounces of the ball but were the better team over the 80.

I also think we didn't play the conditions, too many offloads in that crap weather.

I don't like the cliché that there's lots to be learned, but an awful lot needs to be learned and very quickly.

Michelle Tobin 3 head injuries in 2 games. Scary stuff!! Taking just 40 players, we should have taken the 40 in form, fit players. It turns out that we didn't, and 40 isn't enough. Very little depth in the squad and two attritional games in three days is showing us up.

Brian Corr Lots of positives to be honest.

The score line was horrible and NewZealand were well worth their win, but I don’t think they’ll get carried away with it, the same way we shouldn’t get too down about it.

For me the only ref decision that might have affected the outcome was Carbery should have had a penalty try, a seatbelt tackle is a seatbelt tackle whether it’s on the line or further out field. The hit on POM was bad but too late to affect the outcome.

Not being able to ground the ball is not a bad work on especially when it happened more than once.
It seems that the squad size is an issue if Healy is named but can’t be played, maybe the Māori games should have called for a much bigger squad.

I’m hugely disappointed with the result but not as down about it as social media is, as usual it’s not as bleak or as great as it looks but somewhere in between.

Neil "Keego" Keegan Tough day at the office but the numbers don’t give me nightmares. 

Injuries do ;)

The 10 issue does. 

The lack of coffee in my house does

The pressure of knowing 1 tiny mistake and you're toast is insane too. 

Dust ourselves off and go again. There has to be a win on this trip.

Kevin Kelehan You get no second chances down there, good experience for younger squad members.

Ted Maher Personally I think this is asking way to much of the players. I know players want to play but 5 games after a that mess of a season.

Kevin OCeallaigh That second quarter shows how much we still rely on Sexton. Lots of valid complaints about the ref, but Ireland needs to play to what the ref allows. The AB’s did it, we didn’t. I have more confidence in Ireland’s chances for the remaining test matches than I did before kick-off, but I worry that we did not bring enough players to NZ.

Craig Grehan I counted 5 disallowed tries for Ireland. Rightly so, but 5 over the line against the all blacks is decent.

Taking in a potential yellow card for Barrett.

It wasn't the worst day for Ireland given how poor our game over all was. The first 25 minutes we were at our best.

Peter O'Mahony once more reminding people why he is still there.

Ryan, and Doris definitely need to watch their spots in my opinion.

Sloppy game suiting NZ.

Derek Tormey Zero luck. That could’ve been a one score game. Probably a good thing, should win the second test.

James Murphy Way too many mistakes

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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