Sunday, June 05, 2022

Online comments after Leinster v Glasgow Warriors

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin A few important things from this game.

1, a bad day last week in no way makes this a bad team

2 I love that in his post match interview James Ryan started my accepting responsibility for the early penalties that led to the Glasgow try

3 watching players sprint the length of the pitch and stop a certain try when you're 50 out more points up shows a real drive and determination to be the best they can be

4 watching Larmour was like seeing him 5 years ago, except that now he had the ability to hold a player up in goal and prevent a try

And finally, do we need a team sheet? It seems that it's just about a Jersey number, doesn't matter who's in it, they're out to do a job and whoever starts the Jersey is gonna do everything he can to make that happen

Paul Smith Played our get of jail fee card in this one 😁. Joking aside, what can you say ? Leinster were absolutely outstanding today. Completely dominated from the 5th minute to the last. I was briefly concerned when Glasgow turned down the penalty and scored the opening try but once Leinster kicked into gear there was only ever going to one winner. All of them put in a shift but you have to feel that Larmour is playing himself back into the Ireland reckoning with his performance in the last 2 games back from injury. He was practically unplayable today, he was everywhere. It doesn't make up for last week but its still a pretty good way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Derek McGee Hard to draw any meaningful analysis from what in wrestling is known as a "squash job" but one thing I will say is that Andrea Piardi is a very good referee. Twice he's reffed us this season, I think (away at Bath being the other game) & both times he's been excellent. He listens as well as he communicates, which not all refs do, makes clear decisions during play & is also more than willing to use the resources at his disposal when required, instead of just assuming his own omnipotence. Possibly the best referee I've seen across all competitions this season.

Andrew Potts I expected more from Glasgow, but the stupidity of giving away yellow and 14 odd points sort of did them in.

It was also depressing to hear a commentator dumping on Leinster again for coming up short last week.
Leinster went through a block where they beat the English Champions in their back yard, beat the French and Euro Cup champions at home, lost in the last 90 seconds to a French side that was second in the French and European Cup the previous year.

Leinster do not need to changed to much with that level of performance, yesterday they just blew away a side that had two weeks to prepare for a distracted Leinster.

Leinster were so good all the key principles of their play was there. Then the bench started to come on a those lads added value. I thought Ross and Joe were outstanding during their contrabutions and that winger looked hungry

Andrew Bailey More clarity around why we lost weekend. Todays game was of no benefit to anybody and typical of a sub standard league. Glasgow simply let themselves down. Averaging over 40 points at the RDS is no preparation for the business end of the Heineken Cup

Noel Hewson Back on the horse after last week but not much else to say. Very poor display from Glasgow and a little embarrassing for the URC.

Bert McLoughlin Frawley played very well today and put in a lot of effort especially stopping that certain try

Louis Hoffman Larmour back to his best.

Otherwise a stroll in the park

David Ryle Glasgow seemed to threaten from their restarts at the start and there were a lot. Unbelievable performance. Just need to believe in scoring tries in the big games.

Derek Tormey Glasgow need to take a long look at themselves and they definitely need to let Wilson go.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019