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A selection of online comments after Stormers v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin That's an outstanding return on those 2 games, this one in particular. Anyone who thinks we're sending a second rate team didn't watch the games. That was an incredible effort by guys who've been playing ail games all season, which is a great advertisement for the ail, particularly as Alex Soroka took the potm award. The points we got this week and last were massive and that team should be incredibly proud

Brian Corr It’s hard not to be impressed with a losing bonus point, Stormers we’re shocked at how well Leinster stood up to them at home, with several try saving tackles thrown in for good measure.

Am I wrong to be baffled as to why their number 8 was not yellow carded, fair play to Byrne not reacting.

Scrum held up well for the most part. The determination of the team stood out and anyone who understands rugby in SA will have been impressed.

Loved Soroka at the end shouting what are you doing as H Byrne kicked the penalty out for a losing bonus point, even as it was explained to him he still shook his head in disgust. Maybe play back the Italian try a few years ago that cost Ireland the 6N trophy to France, right call but also right attitude.

Greg Kelly When you look at the fact Leinster had a 2.5/3rd string out in both games and competed strongly you have to think Leo will be happy. The young guns were dogged but also astute enough to do the job as set out. Top spot is secured and experience gained. Frawley now needs to be looked at by Farrell.

The Stormers were obviously a lot more experienced and it showed in how they handled certain situations. A good example is getting stopped short on the line out maul and then crabbing to go down and for the first YC.

How the Stormers 8 was not at least YCed for the head push is a mystery. He appeared to throw a punch after the penalty try which was not picked up.

Say what you will but these SA teams were brought in to challenge Leinsters dominance in the league and in this showing you have to think a full strength Leinster team would push them over easily. That's sad for the competition.

Paul Smith Massively proud of those youngsters today.. went toe to toe with world Cup winners and never looked out of their depth. Soroka was outstanding as was Osborne and Foley but everyone of them can be Happy with their performance today. Some baffling refereeing going on too if we are been honest. Top spot secured with a game left. Leo can be very happy with the lessons learned and the game time gained by some outstanding academy players on this SA trip.

Dave Murray Valuable experience for inexperienced players against a few world cup winners and a LBP added to guarantee top spot and potential home semi final and final. A good trip to SA all around really.

Garry Wynne Leinster gave it their all and it was a thrilling game to watch. Let that be an example to the Welsh teams about taking some pride in your jersey.

Kevin OCeallaigh That might just be the bravest performance by a Leinster team this season.

Jacques Langenhoven This result feels like a loss. Shouldve been a easy bp win. Wakeup call we needed. Very poor on attack and the amount of knock ons. If this was the playoffs we wouldve probably been knocked out. Poor finishing. Poor lineouts. Poor goalkicking. We need this break coming up

Jon Ward  Roos - tonight you showed everyone why you didn't get selected for the Boks - you were very lucky not to get a card... it's not about his performance - it's about his temperament. You can't be a Bakkies Botha and get away with that kind of nonsense in the modern game. Had he been carded, nobody could have complained and the Stormers would probably have lost. He needs a serious talking to. Imagine if he did that in a Bok jersey...he has some growing up to do and probably isn't ready for the Bok jersey yet.

Otto Klotz Lots off hard work ahead off playoffs….Leinster away with the Irish team back is a diffrent story! Not impressed with the Stormers team tonight…

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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