Sunday, April 24, 2022

Online comments after Sharks v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin Frustrating that the main reason the lads lost wasn't lack of talent or lack of desire. It was poor mistakes and wrong decisions, but these are things that can be fixed, and this a group of players that can be built on. They should be proud of pushing that hard for the full 80 (83...), particularly seeing as everyone had written them off

Andrew Potts It will be good for Leinster to have a conversation about focused scrumming .
Plus some hard nosed lessons will have been learned.
South African sides are full of quality and the crowds know their stuff.
Leinster will be better for playing games there.
Fans can start planning a nice two weekend rugby trip for next season.
I'm sure the sunshine and some good rugby hospitality could be well worth it .

Paul Smith Impressive display by a youthful Leinster side. 3 debutants and down to 13 mem to come within a score of beating a full strength Sharks team. We were never giing to get that last minute score with a TMO who can't see a foot in touch but nevertheless Leinster will be pleases to take a BP and stretch the gap just that little bit wider at the top of the league. 1 more point next weekend and top spot is secured before the big game with the following weekend when we'll ses a full strength Leinster side.

Greg Kelly That was a big performance in many respects. Lots of errors but some great grit and determination under the pump. Games like that will stand to Leinster in the future. Under pressure for over 60mins of game time and still could have walked away with a win at the end.

Referee had a decent game but looked like inexperience caught him out a few times. He was aided in no way by Jonker who's involvement in games involving touring teams now MUST be looked at. Missed as obvious a foot in touch as you'll see on the disallowed try and also missed the very offside/off feet/no arms/leading with the head tackle on the final play.

Louis Hoffman I think it's unfair to the competition that Leinster field a 3rd team in South Africa.
Surely the SA supporters would want to see the full team out.

We give out about the French clubs who do this in the champions cup🏆

Dave Murray (reply to Louis Hoffman) When the saffers have to concentrate on more than one comp then maybe you'll understand

Chris McDonnell Great effort, Frawley gets better and better every time. Why did we not bring Tracy or Cronin along with Dev. Still great experience for some of the kids.

Terence Davie Should have creamed the Leinster 2nd team. A win is a win but not looking forward coming up against the real Leinster team some time.

Willie Pienaar - Sharks made lots of mistakes - could have , should have put another 20 on Leinster - congrats on a great win Sharkies - flying the SA flag.

Belinda Meyrick - Sharks you going to be the death of me. This now I won't be able to watch or even have you on FB

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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