Sunday, March 13, 2022

Online comments after England v Ireland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin Amazing to win that game and by that margin. Disappointed that we weren't better with the man advantage but got the BP in the end and we can't complain about that, and we had an 80 minute performance. Need to tidy up the handling errors, stop forcing the extra pass, but with that said, the intent to offload is great to see.

If England can put that pressure on France with a full team then we're in with a shot for the title.

Niall Purcell (reply to Conor Cronin) The trick was not to hammer them so they have enough confidence in Paris next week. 😉

Brian Corr Sorry can’t comment need a drink, that was an unbelievable game, and not for the usual great reasons.

If England played like that against Scotland they would have blown them away, I’m still too old school to shout for England but if they put it up to France they could do a job on them.

The English kick chase was excellent, even getting good catches Keenan was still battered.

Stating the obvious here but while the scrum was a mess I was more worried about the line out issues that are in too many of our games these days, in November we were crossing the catcher and being caught so why are we still doing it.

Absolutely thrilled with a bonus point win but lots to work on.

I’m liking the offloading but it is frustrating when they don’t complete them. It’s funny that’s the reason Schmidt hated them and now Farrell is giving them licence to do it and lots of people are giving out about them.

Ronan McManus Before the game I thought England were targeting this and the French game and that we might see something new from them.

But other than whatever the hell Genge was doing in the scrum (and the usual Itoje brilliance and Nowell graft) they had very little to offer.

In the modern game the line between backs and forwards is more blurry than its ever been, but our forward play did not win that, but our back play still decided by how much.

Also, I'm convinced the ball only went forward off Ringrose's foot before Doris's non-try. It would have just made JGP offside anyway (and England scrum/England penalty were kinda interchangeable today)

James Griffin Great to get the bonus point win while not playing to potential. Lots of work ons.

I had some questions about some of the scrummaging decisions today and think the ref may have been hoodwinked a bit. I thought they deliberately and illegally wheeled on a few occasions, with their tight head pulling and loose head pushing, and us getting penalised. (And I think our props thought the same.). I also thought their loose head was boring, getting his head under TF’s sternum … also illegal.

Gav Heg Odd that we went to twickers and got a bp win and I still want more. The middle 60 was tough.

The scrum was utterly terrible. Ref had no clue how to handle it. Genge dropped so often yet still got penos.

I'd love to see world rugby bring in a 5th official, a scrum expert that only comes on at scrum time and advised the ref.

Andrew Potts Its probably one of Ireland's finest performances because of their resilience.

Scrum in trouble, could not hang onto the ball and a Ref who looked like he was over compensating.

To play poorly, let England level up but still keep your shape long enough to pick up a bonus point is class.

Andy is becoming quite the coach.

Paul Smith Have to give credit to England who were excellent with 14 men but the important thing is that we hung in there and ground out a big win. Some poor performances by a few players who usually are a lot better but there were also some superb displays by the JGP, Keenan and Lowe in particular. Cronin and Henshaw were also excellent when they came on and it's always important to have finishers on the bench. We don't get many BP at Twickenham so let's enjoy it and see where it takes us next weekend.

Jacinta Greaney Edge of seat stuff trying to give us a heart attack against a tough 14 man English team. They gave us one hell of a game and could have stole it from us in the 63rd minute only that Ireland had a penalty advantage

Claire O'Connell Rough to watch but glad to get over the line and particularly with BP, I was worried about losing Porter and today’s scrum performance is worrying

Lee O Farrell To play badly and beat England at home (even 14 men) speaks volumes about this team. Great to be the ones running rampant at the death for once. We’re so used to seeing it from the other side!

Lots to take away but a bonus point with such a winning margin in Twickers, and leaving England with wounded pride in advance of next week is about the best outcome we could have hoped for

Oh, and I’ll take the look on Eddie Jones’s face to my grave.

Gerald Williamson The fresh legs off the bench made a massive difference in getting the bonus points win.

Claire O'Connell That said very happy with the attitude to drive it home for the last 10 mins

Sharon Murphy To take a bonus point out of Twickenham is always a good thing

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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