Sunday, November 14, 2021

Online comments after Ireland v New Zealand

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Sean Michaels  Fantastic, every player from 1-15 deserved MoM. Despite all the love and plaudits heaped upon Luke Pearce I don’t think he covered himself in glory. Some absolute stellar performances it’s so difficult to single any one player out. What is obvious is that there is a great buzz around the squad with players leaving everything on the pitch for their team mates

Michelle Tobin Bravo James Lowe. His new found defence skills were vital today 👏 PS Our Joey rocks 😉

Derek McGee Lots of comments rightly calling out some brilliant individual performances but one that stood out for me was Garry Ringrose. An absolute monster out there today. Tackled everything that moved like Josh van der Flier on a Red Bull jag. Defensive reads were brilliant throughout. He'll be sore in the morning, for sure, but so will a lot of flattened Kiwi boys too 😁

Neil Keegan Backed down a monster today! Sexton post match interview is key, have you keep improving.

Paul Smith What a brilliant display. So many potential man of the match winners out there. Brilliant by Keenan, Lowe (superb defensive dusplay), Doris, anyone of a dozen others but for me step forward JGP, who was world class today. What a statement of intent by Ireland, they were not going to take anything but a victory today . Absolutely delighted 💚🤍🧡 🍀

James Griffin Great result and great performance! Plus a really attractive brand of rugby.

Richard Mifsud Questions were asked, could we beat them again? Where are we in the transition? Will we be brave enough to play with the same style again? Will we be able to go toe to toe with the ABs playing in their style of total rugby? Will James Lowe be good enough in defence? I have the feeling that the answer to all those questions (and many others) was a resounding FUCK YEAH!

Ken Wright What a fantastic game from both teams, what an atmosphere and top class performance from all the Irish players

Kevin Kelehan Quality performance, Lowe tackled like Rob Kearney of old, Keenan is the real deal and Doris is yet another back row beast produced by the Leinster schools conveyer belt. It does not feel any better than this performance, enjoy it, this is the golden era of Irish rugby it may not last forever.

Andrew Potts Beating NZ whole leaving a good few points on the park is a nice feeling

Ed Walsh Great performance from 1-15 and the bench.

Special mention to Andy Farrell.

He has got some terrible stick from some so called “supporters” and this victory is as much his and the team.

Eamon Phelan Brilliant complete team panel and coaching staff effort . You can just see them enjoying their rugby 🏉

David O'Mahony That was just one of the best games of rugby I've seen in years. Carbery's penalty from halfway and the two munster turn overs killed it off. Sexton, Keenan, Kelliher, Ringrose were great. Any time you out score the all blacks 3-2 on tries is a good day. Some really dodgy reffing. But our attack was awesome..... but for Kellihers knee the score could be a lot worse for the kiwi's

Ian McDonald A sublime performance and a well deserved win

Brian Corr Lowe has defensive issues like most players, what you really have to be aware of before getting into it is what province are the people criticising from and is their criticism justified before getting sucked in.

In two matches now the Ireland machine has sucked the life out of the opposition and this week was against the world number 1, and Lowe was a huge part of that so enjoy it and feck the begrudgers.

Lee O Farrell Never in a million years would I have expected to say that the score of an Ireland victory flattered the All Blacks.

The future is green.

Sebastian Brennan Great performance by both teams. More games like this please. Ringrose and Doris in the league of their own. Lowe also silenced the critics. The only poor performance today was Luke Pearce unfortunately.

David Harold The score doesn’t reflect the game. New Zealand are clinical but we didn’t give them the time of day.

Hayden Henderson We had 0 direction. Ref was shit...he was flustered, perhaps out of his depth as a result the game was over analyzed e.g Furlong try and every other try. I thought O'Mahony was lucky not to go in the bin prior to Ioanes no try for his cynical play.  Well done Ireland.

David Ryle Someone kidnapped Eddie O’Sullivan. He’s positive.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019