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Leinster v Ulster writeup
titled "Lying In Wait"

Deegan came on for Dan Leavy in the first half of the game on Saturday and Leavy has now entered the Graduated Return to Play Protocols.

Marcus Ó Buachalla - LeinsterRugby.ie

The hope is that Munster will be able to fly out of South Africa by Wednesday morning and then stay in their own bubble for 10 days upon arriving home

Murray Kinsella - The42.ie

...there has been little game time, if any, for Jack Carty, John Cooney, Caolin Blade and either of the Byrne brothers.

Jonny Holland - RTÉ Rugby

[Leinster play Montpellier in the Champions Cup in December]


The Toulon star has also been a thorn in any lineout’s side, as he has consistently been throughout his career.

Rugby Onslaught

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Monday, November 29, 2021

Leinster-10 Ulster-20


Part of me was hoping I could avoid this article altogether making it less “writeup” and more “writeoff” but there’s a good bit to harp on so I’d best get down to it.

Three incidents in particular summed up the match for me, with the first coming in the 18th minute.  Ulster had just been rewarded for their early pressure when a strong run from Player of the Match James Hume finally found a weak spot in Leinster’s tackling cordon to get to the line before Greg Jones got over.

But that’s not the moment I want to focus on, this came just after.  Many’s a time in the past teams have had a strong start at the RDS and gotten the opening score only for Leinster to come storming back, and many’s a time that team was Ulster, so I’m pretty sure not one of their fans was taking anything for granted just yet.

As Ross Byrne put the restart short and straight up the middle, you could tell our plan was to being the storming right away, and Robbie Henshaw underlined this intention by being the first to fly into the Saturday evening D4 sky to get his hand to it and bat the ball back.  Only where does it go?  Straight into the welcome arms of one Stuart McCloskey.

Incident number two came well into the second half, the 66th minute to be precise.  For all their pressure the Ulstermen had only been able to add three points to that Jones try and when Leinster finally managed something of a purple patch when they increased the attacking tempo to find some soft shoulders, we managed to wipe out that lead altogether.

But just after Ross Byrne slotted the penalty that drew us level, he was replaced by his brother Harry and shortly after the restart, the sub’s first big requirement was to clear his lines.  Whether he knew he was outside the 22 or not is kind of irrelevant as the pass was coming from outside it anyway, plus looking at the gap between the two Ulstermen in their it seemed to make sense to find it rather than aim for touch, so let’s assume it was a miskick into touch that went out on the full and brought play all the way back.

From that lineout, Max Deegan was pinged for lifting an opponent’s leg in the maul which meant a halfback from Ulster’s bench had a big kick to start his own cameo, with Nathan Doak having no problem slotting the ball over the posts to restore their lead and thus also their belief that a rare W in Dublin was there for the taking.

The third and final moment was in minute number 79.  Leinster were still pressing and pressing but like I said, the Ulster defence had found a second wind and were back to heaping incredible pressure on everything we were trying to do with the ball.

We were really at last chance saloon when Jimmy O’Brien caught a clearance at halfway and set us up for an attack.  For the most part we had been fighting back by moving the ball quickly up the middle but on this occasion we found ourselves in a situation where we tried to beat Ulster’s quick line speed with even quicker passing.

As it got to Tommy O'Brien he had clearly made the decision already to let it go out of the tackle regardless, and when he did, it was clearly heading for Deegan who was next in line.  But while he seemed to expect the ball to come to him, James Hume was lying in wait to pounce, totally earning the right to recover a little bobble and run it in to not only nail down the historic win but also deny us a losing bonus we might have actually been thankful for all things considered.

Now I really hope it doesn’t look like I’m singling people out in those above examples, it was just in each case they highlighted IMO themes which had been there for the whole match.  In the first one, Leinster actually did something right only for a white jersey to still be in the way to prevent us from actually making anything from it.

On the second example, it was a case of us doing something ourselves that was well short of our own standards, although you could make a case that our decision making was affected by the immense pressure applied by their defending.  Last, and certainly not least, you had one of many times when a white jersey simply looked like wanting the ball more than a blue one.

In many ways this Ulster performance reminded me of their famous win at Thomond Park back in 2012.  There was nothing flashy about it, they just came with a mind to 1) throw us off our own attacking game and 2) take their chances when they got them.  In actual fact they weren’t great at the second part, and I’m pretty sure their fans will admit they left a good few points behind, but boy were they excellent at the defensive organisation. 

I mean - we weren’t too shabby in that department either which helped keep their score down up to the closing moments, but they absolutely put us to the sword when we had the ball, with Nick Timoney in the form of his life and right up there with Hume in contention for the match gong, yet not the only Ulster hero on the night by a long stretch.

Before I continue about how well they played, I suppose I have to address the "elephant in the room", arguably the nicest thing Frank Murphy has been called by Leinster fans over the past couple of days.  

I have said this about ref-blaming for many years but should probably say it again - believing an official is biased going by calls they make against your team is using the same logic as believing a lemon only ever squirts you in the eye.  Just because YOU notice something happening, that doesn’t mean it’s the only time it happens.

No doubt if the roles were reversed and the ref was making the same calls against Ulster at the Kingspan, you’d hear their fans complaining too.  And I’m sure I could always “do a Rassie” and cut and paste some clips that “prove” some calls could have gone the other way, but how that helps us going forward into the season I just do not know.

The fact remains that after a team came to our house and threw down a gauntlet, we struggled to pick it up, and with Connacht the next ones lying in wait for us after a six-day turnaround (they seem to like playing in Dublin this calendar year), that has to be what we’re working on.

I mean it wasn’t that we were absolutely awful as I have heard many suggest.  There were some good individual performances on the night like Robbie Henshaw (try and all round defence), Jimmy O’Brien (great under the high ball), Ross Molony (lineout steals and general breakdown work) and in particular a great cameo from Will Connors who seemed determined to pick up where he left off.

Plus there were times when we even seemed to be functioning well as a team - for one thing, like I said earlier, our overall defending was reasonably sound; if anything we seemed to be shipping more penalties when we had the ball.  Also on what always seemed to be a key area against Dan McFarland’s men, namely facing their maul after lineouts in our own 22, we certainly started extremely well, managing to shut down those situations both quickly and legally.

Then there was that purple patch I mentioned, when we actually were managing to gain ground with every carry and during this spell, we even got a bounce of the ball that went our way when a rare loose pass from McGrath went to ground yet still got recovered and brilliantly finished by Henshaw.

But I’m probably stretching it by doing as many as three paragraphs looking for positives, because the one thing we seemed to want from this lineup, namely a strong mix of creativity between our choices at 10, 12 and 15, just didn’t seem to be able to adapt after the early bombardment to find a way through, and now we have an example to add to the performance in Newport earlier in the season to suggest that may not have been a mere blip.

I thought here we fell back into a pattern that used to plague us throughout the “onesies” whereby we had so much faith in our original gameplan that despite the wall of white jerseys that kept getting in our way, we were determined to make it work by trying to improve our accuracy.

Yet with so many proven footballers with the boot out there, I didn’t see why we weren’t trying more variation in that first half, trying to create crossfield kick situations for Larmour and Adam Byrne, or even just simply stabbing grubbers through to pin them back in their 22 and let our own defending keep them there.

Instead we kept letting them get the upper hand and while they would have been disappointed with only 7 on the board at half time, we were absolutely deserving of the duck egg against our own name. 

Also we were back to the lineout woes - officially the stats said we were 14/15 but I think that is based on who ends up with possession and often times it was very sloppy. I reckon coaches would be far more interested in a percentage of "clean lineouts" where at least one planned phase following the dart is executed, and thanks in part to pressure from the O'Connors, Carters et al, I'm not sure we got a passing grade.

Maybe the fact that this was far from our full starting lineup means things will be different for “bigger” matches down the line, yet that said we all know how attritional the rugby season can be so we really need these players to be able to step up and besides, interpros are of course matches that are plenty big in and of themselves.

Normally I aim for 2000 words with these writeups but the November internationals went so well that I broke through that barrier more than once so I can probably afford to fall short this time around.  I guess we need to wait and see how they respond this Friday and in some ways I’m hoping Leo doesn’t make too many changes because I reckon they’ll all be itching to get back out there.  I especially hope Dan Leavy’s early exit wasn’t too serious and I won’t be the only fan that has fingers, toes and eyes crossed that he’s back ASAP.

As chance would have it I have fans of both Ulster & Connacht on the next podcast during the week to discuss both last weekend and next, so be sure to check that out when it publishes on Wednesday as we also plan to pay tribute to the career of Rob Kearney with the help of offerings from other contributors plus some followers of the site.  

In the meantime congrats again to all Ulster fans, there’s a saying going around the twitter machine which goes “URC = Best League” and after a match like that and looking at the league table I reckon we can also make a case for “Irish Shield = Best Shield”?  JLP


Front Five - 29.11.21

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ICYMI click here for a selection of
online comments after Leinster v Ulster

...for a head coach who prides himself on his province’s enviable strength in depth, such a disjointed display was damaging in terms of his future planning.

Cian Tracey -Irish Independent

This means they will have little or no time to prepare for the Wasps game on December 12th and, conceivably, may still be in quarantine come that date

Gerry Thornley - Irish Times
(possibly behind paywall)

Rassie Erasmus has announced that he will be able to share his “side of the story” in a new documentary produced by SuperSport.


Simmonds is now just three tries shy of Neil Back’s record as the Premiership’s top try-scoring forward

Shay Waterworth - Rugby Dump

"A moment of genius"

PJ Browne - Balls.ie

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Online comments after Leinster v Ulster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

If you’d like to contribute stay tuned to our Facebook page for our “Feel free to leave your thoughts…” posts which show up around full time after Leinster & Ireland matches.

Conor Cronin I hate seeing Frank Murphy's name for a leinster match. I don't rate him. At all. He's not the reason we lost but he sure as hell didn't help.

Leinster were poor. Some very good individual performances, but a poor team effort. Must do better. Well done ulster

Alastair Gault (reply to Conor Cronin) from an Ulster viewpoint, we don't want Murphy either, why they can't have a neutral country ref is beyond me

Richard Mifsud Worst performance for a long time. Forget tactics, performance, individual errors etc this was down to abject complacency. It was flat lethargic and pedestrian. Frankly ridiculous TBH.  We may quite rightly complain about the ref team but he didn’t lose that match for us, we did 🤷🏻‍♂️

Andrew Bailey Didn’t manage game. Didn’t manage ref - although ultimately he was not reason for loss. Unusual to see us panicky. Maybe this game will ease some of the hype around Harry - he needs to prove himsejf by starting and controlling big games. He was a long way from that tonight. Just a bad day at the office - next Friday a bigger game now.

Paul Smith Can't be as sloppy as we were today and expect to take a win. All over the pitch we were poor. Ulster played a very simple game today, nothing flash but fully deserved their victory. The amount of penalties we gave up was awful too, too many players getting isolated at the breakdown allowing them to win easy turnovers. All in all a bad day at the office but we can take comforr that there were a lot of big names missing for Leinster tonight, so let's learn from it and move on.

Noel Hewson No excuses better team won. Well done to Ulster. Leinster were slow to the breakdown, lineout ball was scrappy and line speed too passive in defence. Plenty to work on but the sky is not falling down just yet. Will have to get it right quickly with our neighbours from the west in good form.

Kevin OCeallaigh I think Frank Murphy will sleep with one eye open tonight due to the fear of waking in the night to see Tadhg Furlong standing at the end of his bed.

Kevin Kelehan Well done Ulster, they'd more chance of winning the Lotto but scooped a tougher jackpot.

Andrew Potts When Leinster didn't give the ball back to Ulster, Frank did it was pretty esoteric performance. So many penalties at the break down but not even a hint of yellow. It was all a little strange.


Martina Byrne Referee had a shocker , Leinster were poor all round ….

Colin McConaghie Brilliant, that’s all 😃

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

Look out Monday for our match writeup JLP

Front Five - 28.11.21

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"Playing Leinster in Dublin is the ultimate test in our league, it is as simple as that. If you can’t set your fire for that then what can you set your fire for?"

Jonathan Bradley - Belfast Telegraph

The news arrived just 80 minutes before kick-off in the game, which was set to be the final game of Ireland star Rob Kearney's professional career.

Patrick McCarry - SportsJoe.ie

NOTE : To leave your own tribute to Rob Kearney for his illustrious career head over to the Harpin Facebook page - we'll be reading out the best ones on the pod during the week.

There were storylines everywhere, with tries...for Ciara Griffin and Lindsay Peat - also retiring from the test stage

Alison Donnelly - Scrumqueens.com

According to Rapport newspaper, a well-placed informant has said that the decision to abandon the appeal was made in order to “bury the case for good”.


...the result of the round came at College Park where Dublin University handed a 38-3 beating to 14-man Young Munster.


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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Front Five - 27.11.21

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Leinster v Ulster preview

Leinster have named a strong side that includes Ireland squad members Robbie Henshaw, Ciarán Frawley, Jordan Larmour and Tadhg Furlong

Adam McKendry - Belfast Telegraph

If there is one thing this global pandemic has taught us from a sporting perspective, it is how often events make a mockery of best laid plans.

Garry Doyle - The42.ie

Despite being without several Wales internationals, Toby Booth will be disappointed with the defence - with a number of the home side's seven scores coming from individual errors or missed tackles.

Ben James - WalesOnline

"The choice of language and its timing did not meet the standards required from a coach or official in upholding rugby’s core values of discipline, integrity and respect."

RTÉ Rugby

The Chiefs’ critics say that the club’s current imagery disrespects North American indigenous people.

Planet Rugby

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Preview : Leinster v Ulster

Our URC match previews are brought to you by URC.tv

When you’re a Leinster & Ireland Rugby fan and the only real negative match from the 8 played by the two combined so far this season was one where your team still actually won, you know things are going well.

That doesn’t prevent you from being anxious about what lies ahead, and what better way for the boys in blue to resume their URC campaign than with a table-topping clash with our old friends from up the M1.

Personally, for what that’s worth, I’m not wild about the Saturday 8pm kickoff time, plus the weather doesn’t look like it will be too “clement” this weekend, and also for the league as a whole the news isn’t too good as COVID seems to have struck yet again.

But none of that will matter once things get underway down at the RDS as Leinster embark on a crucial series of matches which should go a long way to decide the outcome of the URC Irish Shield as well as our progress towards that fifth star.

Obviously with Andy Farrell sticking to the same lineup as much as possible throughout November, we couldn’t expect to see too many names included for this weekend, but with Tadhg Furlong having finally signed on the dotted line and Robbie Henshaw having finally returned to action, it is great to see their names on the team sheet.

And throughout the 23 there is a heavy “returning from injury” theme to the selection.  Dan Leavy must surely be close to getting back to test match readiness, while Scott Penny has also had issues earlier in the calendar year.  Then on the bench there is Abdeladze, Deegan and also another test candidate Will Connors returning to action.

Overall the starting XV seems to have a great mix and there’s not only coming back from injury that will serve as motivation for them on Saturday night.  Luke McGrath is skipper but that’s a role which has also been held by Rhys Ruddock and Ross Molony and all three have had stellar starts to the season and thus would love to show they might have had a look in over the past few weeks.

The most interesting pick is Ciaran Frawley at 12, not for the first time this season either.  With Ross Byrne back at his familiar 10 after appearing at 13 in last year’s corresponding fixture, not only will he be looking to link up with his wingers Larmour and Adam Byrne but he also has his inside centre and his full back Jimmy O’Brien to help provide the creativity so our options appear endless.

Frawley will also be strongly tested on defence, as would any 12 that has Stu McCloskey barrelling down at them every few minutes (and the boy Hume at 13 isn’t exactly a lightweight either) and as always I’ll be looking at this aspect possibly more than attacking throughout.

We really got spoiled at lineout time over the past few weeks, with last Sunday’s "16 thrown, 16 won" showing the pick of the bunch and mostly Leinster players involved in both throwing and receiving the darts.  Hopefully Messrs Toner and Molony will be just as easily found by James Tracy from the start because much will rely on this.

Obviously the Ulstermen will be keen to bounce back after their last visit to Dublin didn’t exactly go to plan, but they did have a run of four wins leading into that match and with John Cooney among those returning to their own starting lineup, definitely have the ability to make this match live up to its billing.

No doubt they will be looking for their strong running centres to soften up our defensive cordon as quickly as possible so they can get the most out the speed in their back three, as well as Cooney's ability to make the most out of even the tiniest opportunity, with the youngster Doak in reserve more than able to deputize when required.

The bookies have Leinster winning by 15 but while I share their optimism and actually think we could push it to 17-19, I can also picture myself sitting looking at the match after half an hour and wondering what on earth I was thinking!

Hopefully the weather will behave and we’ll be treated to yet another feast of quality interpro rugby, I hope to see you there on the night.  As always follow me on twitter throughout the match and at fulltime head on over to the Facebook page and leave your thoughts. JLP


Ulster : 15 Mike Lowry, 14 Craig Gilroy, 13 James Hume, 12 Stuart McCloskey, 11 Ethan McIlroy, 10 Billy Burns, 9 John Cooney;
1 Andrew Warwick, 2 Rob Herring, 3 Marty Moore, 4 Alan O’Connor (Capt.), 5 Sam Carter, 6 Greg Jones, 7 Nick Timoney, 8 David McCann.
Replacements: 16 Tom Stewart, 17 Eric O’Sullivan, 18 Ross Kane, 19 Mick Kearney, 20 Marcus Rea, 21 Nathan Doak, 22 Angus Curtis, 23 Rob Lyttle.

United Rugby Championship 2021/22 - Round 6
Saturday, November 27, 2021
KO 8pm
RDS Arena

Referee: Frank Murphy (IRFU)
AR1: Eoghan Cross (IRFU)
AR2: Robert O’Sullivan (IRFU)
TMO: Leo Colgan (IRFU)

Live on: RTÉ Two, Premier Sports 1 & URC.tv

Front Five - 26.11.21

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(Tadhg Furlong's) new three-year deal with the IRFU...ensures the Wexford man will play with Leinster and Ireland until at least 2025.

PJ Browne - Balls.ie

 ...on Saturday, 11 December, Pierre Brousset of France will be in the middle when old rivals, Leinster Rugby and Bath Rugby go head-to-head 


The Munster squad are in their own protective bubble in Pretoria...it remains to be seen what...impact it will have on their next two games in South Africa

Cian Tracey - Irish Independent

After a winless Autumn International campaign, Tongan fans will be pleased to see a potential new Tonga XV (possibly) heading to the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Connor Dickins - Last Word On Rugby

We have drawn a line under the incident and only wish to look forward.

Gerard Meagher - The Guardian

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019