Monday, October 04, 2021

Online comments after Dragons v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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The moral of the story appears to be "a win is a win" 😉

Richard Mifsud Probably the worst, most disjointed performance by Leinster in ages. Mostly of their own making through inaccuracies in attack. Not being able to convert a two man advantage into points, is frankly inexcusable. Couldn’t deal with the Dragons press and compounded poor handling with terrible set piece especially at line out. Halfbacks were poor as were the centres though Ringrose was slightly better in that foursome. Decision making awful. Coaches should’ve pulled COB at HT and gone with Frawley. In sum extremely lucky to come away with a win from that. The most amazing thing is they actually found a MOTM 🤷🏻‍♂️

Conor Cronin Some would suggest Leinster need to be more clinical in the 22. I would say they were criminally wasteful of territory and opportunity. They will get better as the season progresses and they become more cohesive as a collective. Need to play a bit deeper and with more pace. But when the wet kicks in like it did forwards all need to be safe hands.

Brian Corr  I was surprised and delighted by the win, felt like a get out of jail card. Commentators mentioned the wet conditions but other than all the simple errors it was difficult from home to see what the conditions were actually like.

I know Garry Owens are a 50:50 play with the main advantage being territory and gaining yards, but did we actually win any back? They all seemed to be 5m too long with no real benefit gained, so why keep doing them?

It’s fair to say a number of errors were self made with offloads that were not on being tried, but like the box kicks they carried on when maybe there should have been a decision made by the leaders to stick it up the jumper until the right opportunities came along.

Like I started with I was delighted with the win because nothing else seemed to be working, I think Ryan will be disappointed in how it went for him, I think some leadership was missing.

Joseph FP Sheppard A win is a win...... however...... move on.....
Stand out play (for ALL the wrong reasons and 1 of hundreds throughout a poor display) was..... BOX KICKING THE BALL AWAY TO DRAGONS WITH LESS THAN 60 SECS TO GO FFS 🙊🙈🙉🙄😥🤬

Neil Keegan Wake up calls are needed when they are needed.

Noel Hewson A win is a win but no doubt one of the poorest performances in a while. This team sets their own standards and they will be disappointed with todays game. Far too many handling errors which meant they were never able to build the pressure they normally do on the scoreboard. I expect a more focused and clinical performance next week.

Ronan McManus  A one-point win is a win.

I thought the Dragons defence was really good, but Leinster were so sloppy. I don't know which of the pundits said it, but they did look like they didn't get enough sleep last night.

How many balls did we knock on with the left-hand side of the Dragons try-line in front of us??

Chris McDonnell
What's the play Ross,? 
"A little grubber lads"
What now Ross? 
"A little dinky kick through" .
"Im going to keep them guessing lads" 
So another grubber kick? 
Ross? What's next? 
"I think I'll kick this one."
Ross I guess it's another little grubber?
"Lads you're finally on my wavelength"

Sean Michaels Not an auspicious start to captaincy for James Ryan unfortunately. We could be here until next Sunday analysing all the Leinster mistakes and general sloppy play. Hopefully we’ve got our one truly awful game out of the way we can only hope that we don’t rue the dropped bonus point. COYBIB

Robbie Meade A win is a win and let's never speak of the game again.

Sharon Murphy A win is a win but 🙈

Ted Maher (reply to Facebook page post "Feel free to leave your thoughts...) Do we really have to?

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019