Sunday, June 06, 2021

Online comments after Glasgow v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin Leinster were not the better side tonight. Didn't do enough when they got into the 22, and knew that if we were to advance in the competition we're needed, but couldn't capitalise on the chances.

The officiating is not an excuse for the loss, but must be called into question with inconsistencies throughout and certain issues completely ignored, not to mention the fact that he can't handle when teams get niggly and physical. It's disappointing that that's allegedly elite refereeing

Sean Michaels Possibly the worst refereeing I’ve seen all season. Murphy doing his utmost to show how incompetent he is. Glasgow taking full advantage of being allowed to escape a red for a neck roll, two deliberate knock ons not punished, crooked line feeds etc. Having said that Leinster were sloppy, ill disciplined, wasteful and looked entirely demotivated and jaded. The season can’t end soon enough.

Brian Corr Wow reading some of the comments coming in you’d think the ref had a hand in the result🤔.

Leo needs to pull up some of his players and tell them not to piss the ref off so much he might turn some decisions on them.

Frustrating game, livened up a bit when Matawalu came on, love to see him play, not everyone’s cup of tea but an all out player that gives his all.

Lots of stop starts ruined this game, Glasgow obviously went the slagging route and Sadly for Leinster it worked, they took the bait every little niggle and Glasgow got the ref onside.

Don’t like to single out players but R Byrne going into contact was a mistake, he was too isolated and turned over too easy.

Funny as hard as the match was to watch you can’t really single out a player and say he was bad. JVDF was excellent, tackling was immense.

Disappointing end to a disappointing season even if there is another match to go. Hopefully COVID (excuse my french) fucks off and a few things settle down, we all need a good run and it won’t happen under restrictions.

Chris McDonnell (reply to Brian Corr) they pissed Murphy off because of where they were born. Can't blame the ref for that result as that would imply Murphy is an actual ref. On a closer to home note we just can't compete at the highest level with mcgrath and Ross byrne at 9 and 10.

Derek McGee Yet another game successfully impeded by IRFU Rugby Prevention Officer Frank Murphy

Paul Smith And i was really hoping that we'd win the George and Zippy Cup this season 🤣. 2 words that sum up this competition - Frank Murphy. Nothing else needs to be said.

Andrew Byrne Makes sense now why Frank Murphy lost his job as a bus driver...couldn't see anyone coming in from the side.

Andrew Potts If you are blaming the ref, you were not good enough.

Ian Frizzell Disappointed that Hastings wasn’t MoM! 🤣

Ally Craig Short(ish) memories some of you Irish fans have.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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