Saturday, May 15, 2021

Online comments after Leinster v Ulster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Brian Corr I said before the game I thought it was Leinsters strongest selection for an interpro bar one or two calls could have been their strongest team, and to be honest Ulster played them off the park for over half that game, how they went in at half time with a draw is something of a miracle, and the fact Leinster were banging on the Ulster line to go in possibly 7 up was amazing.

Ulster done really well but didn’t manage the second half fatigue and change of hands to the finishers from 50-70mins very well and that’s where Leinster won it.

Is it worrying anyone else that some teams can dominate Leinster to an inch of their line at the start of a game, and we have to wait for them to remember what they trained on all week before they start to get back into it?

We saw two red cards in the 6N for head contact in the ruck, and last week against Munster Marty Moore done the same thing and the ref and TMO said it was grand, tonight saw Henshaw slam into Baloucoune shoulder to chest but importantly made no contact or hit to his head and the TMO and ref cleared it, very deliberately and very slowly go over the incident from what we saw was three angles yet the commentary and lots of fans online reckon it was a red. To be honest why are these incidents still so hotly debated? 1 reason, the laws are still not clear enough.

What I saw was a dangerous tackle, that was dangerous to the health of both players involved, that to the letter of the laws was legal, and that is what should be argued over.

I’m delighted with the Leinster win, I think Lady Luck played a large part no matter how often I repeat well good teams can win ugly, but some amazing last ditch tackles and defence got them over the line.
As a side note this game finished with McGrath trying to put in a Captains challenge and the Leinster Munster game two weeks ago finished with Munster arguing about why it was finished will we ever hear the reasons?

Conor Cronin You don't always need to win pretty, you just need to win! Leinster showed that solid defense is essential to make that happen. Really impressed with how often the kick was followed up, too often we just see the kick and then wait for the opposition to come back. Worried about our current lack of outhalves though, not happy to see Ross playing with an injury

Gordy Graham Great game of rugby, Henderson showing why he’s going to South Africa and Ryan isn’t.

Chris McCready (replay to Gordy Graham)  Too right. 😉 Thought Carter had a good game as well.

Paul Smith Firstly, there isn't a player in Ireland even close to Robbie Henshaw on current form. Absolutely outstanding this evening. Secondly I've lost a lot of respect for Henderson who was doing his absolute best to get him Red carded. The ref and TMO got it spot on on, superb tackle not even warranting a penalty despite the usual biased crap from Toland and the Ulster commentary team on Eir Sport. Thirdly, what a superb defensive display by Leinster, they looked like they were really enjoying themselves out there . Fourthly Jack Conan showed everyone when he came on why he's a lion. Fifthly, once again Leinster showed they know how to win even when they aren't at their best. Lastly, cracking game of rugby in fairness.

Nigel Quigley (reply to Paul Smith) SO you think thats an acceptable tackle? It seems, outside of Leinster fans, no one does. It was a yellow, reckless and high. Go teach your kids to tackle like that if you think it was fine. Great game though, but on that tackle, we wont agree

David Ryle (reply to Nigel Quigley) the Scottish ref didn’t see anything wrong. Initially I thought it was bad. But in the replays it was henshaws head it balacounes shoulder.

Robert Harte (reply to Nigel Quigley) He was out of control in my book, reckless to say the least

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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