Sunday, April 11, 2021

Online comments after Exeter Chiefs v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned, but I love Leinster Rugby. That first ten minutes aside that was a fairly complete performance. Back row were outstanding, front row far superior. I think we were better without sexton (need to look at his role in those first 2 tries) and I think Lowe has proved himself both offensively and defensively today. 

If we can play like that for the full 80 I don't think we should fear anyone left in this competition.

Bert McLoughlin Yesssssssssssssssssss💙💙💙💙That's what knockout rugby is all about, guts, determination, skill and game management. Superb performance after the first 10 mins

Stephen Walsh An absolutely fabulous performance. Back row completely dominated their vaunted opponents, and I thought it was the best I've ever seen Josh Van Der Flier play, superb over the ball and with ball in hand

Gerald Williamson This was a magnificent performance from Leinster, a full team workout showing calmness in overcoming a shaky start and maintaining a high tempo going on to finish with a flourish. They are actually getting better with each game.

Richard Mifsud I always thought this was going to be our big litmus test. The first 10 didn’t disabuse me of that belief. Then the big players started playing big. That top two inches and smart rugby got us back into the match, then the Chiefs got a second wind but we came straight back into it. Chiefs had issues in the set piece and their 9’s kicking was very poor. Our D came to the fore and that offensive D just stifled Exeter, the mistakes and pens came and that was that. I was curious to see how we would match up against the champions and the 11 point win says it all. Great performance by everyone especially the pack but standouts for me JvdF, Robbie, Lukey and Hugo. Just a mention for Ross Byrne, we didn’t miss Jonny and I think that’s a big statement to make. Looking good moving forward #COYBIB

Gav Heg Jesus what at game. Credit to Exeter I was never confident, even towards the end. But JDF, how was he not human person of the sporting contest (motm deemed too sexist to use)? It would also appear that the international reffing standard is now different to club, two penalties at head contact that would be red at international. I'm not saying it should be, im saying rugby needs consistency. Sexton perhaps at fault for their two first tries, we looked better without him, but to be fair that could involve their game plan targeting him. I think when McGrath took over the captaincy he should have talked to the ref about 1) their lineout, so crocked everytime 2) the offside line. They were up each time and never pinged. Of course both points could have just been the TV angle but the commentary did say it too.

Lorcán Murphy Is it inappropriate to say I’m still aroused?

Paul Smith First 10 minutes were scary and I think we were caught on the hop first few minutes. Tackling was non existent for the tries. Funny enough once we got our first I thought we'd go on and win as we were dominating by then. VDF, Henshaw were super but for me MOM was Ross. Superb when he came on and the fact that we didn't miss Johnny speaks volumes for his performance. Thought some of the refs calls were poor, especially the arm into his face, yellow card at best, and many would have given red. Hoping for a home semi, although it's not as much of advantage as usual this year, it would be a deserved reward for a brilliant Leinster performance today.

Andrew Potts Oh Leinster how could I ever doubt you at 14 down. Shame on me.

Great intelligent performance by so many Leinster players.

Noel Hewson Not going to lie was not hopeful after the horrible start but they keep their heads better than me. VDF was everywhere and Ross Byrne played well after coming on. Would be great to get a few guys back for the next day. Great to have a next day.

Garry Wynne It's like the the international and club games have two different rulebooks for the high tackle.

Ross Byrne should be getting more Irish caps.

Exeter won't get any better than that with the salary cap where it is.

Kevin Kelehan Great teams not only win away to reigning champions but they do it after a stinker of a start. Leinster v Toulouse final with the champ of champs getting that 5th star first would be an amazing spectacle for the neutrals. Leo can be very proud of his team and the mindset he has them in

Henry Sellars That first 10mins...🤢 thought i needed a HIA myself.... didnt see out the 2nd half 10 either but serious work by the BiB again. Robbie, Josh standouts... kudos to Ross for seeing the game out!💙💙💙💙💙

Sean Michaels To go to Sandy Park and dismantle the reigning Gallagher Premiership and European champions is a great achievement and to break the record for the most consecutive European away wins is an added bonus. We were caught out for the first two tries by the ferocity and speed of Exeter helped by some hapless defending, O’Loughlin will have nightmares about the first try and unfortunately did not have the best of games. Fortunately he had a World class player in Henshaw, who was deservedly MOTM, playing inside of him. Our back row, and forwards in general were superb. Too many heroes to single out but a special mention to Ross Byrne, to me our bench won the battle of the subs and created the conditions that enabled us to get a stranglehold on the game

Niall Purcell Kick your goals Exeter. Their cockiness of kicking to the corner when 3 points are on offer in front of the posts is just ridiculous.

Joe Sweeny 34-8 for the past 72 mins I will leave it there 💙💙💙💙💙

Eamon Phelan Well done from Munster impressive

Shane Kinsella Best away win in Europe since toulouse 06

Cormac Mannion (reply to Shane Kinsella) Clermont in the 2012 semi was pretty amazing too

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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