Sunday, March 28, 2021

Online comments after the #GuinnessPro14 Final

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Michelle Tobin Leinster owned it from start to finish. To think you thought a 6 point spread was generous, and I thought Munster would win... Onwards and upwards to Europe and the Rainbow Cup. Now who are our first round opponents again 😂

(reference made to Friday's Opposition view podcast)

Conor Cronin It may seem unfair to say it, but offensively i don't think munster were ever in this. They had some great defensive moments, but that's not enough against a team of Leinster's class.

On leinster, constant pressure eventually paid off with a well taken try, there definitely could've been more if a couple of bad passes had been better, or if we'd been a bit more efficient in the 22. But they don't matter in the end. The record books won't mention them!

Delighted to see the touch of class that was letting Dev as most capped player, and unsung hero Michael bent lift the trophy

Brian Corr Really disappointed with a couple of first half bad passes and attacks that could have put the game to bed before half time.

Leinster are a well oiled machine that basically carried on despite some set backs and just rumbled by Munster.

In the second half Munster tried to inject pace but were met with relentless defence and then just fell away.

Coombes had a great game but Leinsters back row were superior by the sum of their parts.

Henshaw showed why he’s the top centre in the country and the few errant passes shows why Ringrose when fit is the other half of the best centre partnership in the country.

I hope people now stop calling for Casey to be starting for Ireland and allow him to develop his obvious potential. Not sure if it was the weight of expectation or just inexperience but nothing went right for him in the few minutes he had on the pitch.

Absolutely thrilled with the win, and hope for Munster POM is ok for next week.

Wayne O'Brien A resilient performance - we left a few tries behind first half, but thought our defence was immense. The last couple of mins in the Munster 22 defending then attacking epitomises so much that is great about the current Leinster team

Paul Smith By far the better team won. Absolutely delighted for them all but especially Dev. Brilliant game to break the all time appearance record for Leinster.

Gav Heg It would seem a little unfair that the final 15 were not the ones that got them there but how good was bent lifting the trophy with dev? To me he's been the best leinster servant for the last 6+ years. Never a step backwards.

Noel Hewson Henshaw, Ruddock and Conan were class and overall they owned the ball. They continue to set the standard. Munster most be so frustrated they are the 2nd best team by some way and in another era would have won plenty of trophies.

Bert McLoughlin We didn't play well but that doesn't matter when you know how to play and win finals

Daryl Kingston After all the media hype about Munster this week this was especially satisfying. Leinster just went about their business and to be honest they should have been further ahead. Great performance fantastic record and Ruddock was my MOTM

Lorcán Murphy The pack won the battle up front and the jacks had far more thrust and creativity

Andrew Potts Big fail for Munster, their best team out and still did not turn up. Need some clear thinking to close the gap.
Leinster not at their best but did not need to be

Brian Kielthy The fact that munster refused to wear ther runner up medals sorta sums it all up....

Henry Sellars Unbelievable we went in 6 each at ht. Poor execution in final 3rd in 1st half, but we (I) have loftier ambitions for us as a team that can do the basics perfectly every time.... Conan, Ruddock, Henshaw standouts.... unlucky for PoM, looked a nasty one....

John Peeters Toulon next week and Munster need to hope Toulouse don’t turn up otherwise they will be on the end of a bad beatomg

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019