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Online comments after Wales v Ireland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Michelle Tobin Hugo Keenan won't be letting go of that 15 jersey anytime soon and rightly great to see someone shine at a position where a retirement left a big hole. Stockdale wasn't the right fit but Keenan definitely is.

Head injuries worrying and we're going to be without some big names next weekend as a result. Expecting a citing for Wales too.

I think the days of being surprised that Beirne is selected are well and truly over. Stander, Porter and Henshaw had great days too.

Ciara Kenna  When Murray stopped box kicking for no reason and giving the possession away after pom went off, Ireland got in control of the game and looked decent. But unfortunately the momentum was lost at half time and Murray came out and box kicked again also showing up late to rooks.

I laughed when berine went over for the try.

Murray arrived and couldn’t find the ball and thankfully was over the line.

Keith earls didn’t show up. But rest should be proud they put in a hard 80mins

Conor Cronin O'Mahony has cost Ireland this. He joined a ruck shouldn't have before his stupid decision giving a penalty and the 3 points and should've checked his behaviour then, and instead comes running into another ruck he didn't belong in.

I think the other players all stepped up and worked very hard to try and win that. And yes there were bad decisions etc, but that is down to fatigue when you're having to make extra tackles or cover extra ground, and that comes back to the card.

I think bierne and henshaw had outstanding games, giving everything. But we've left that one behind, losing to a poor Wales team

Joe Sheppard A lot of positives to take away. Look at the 1st half stats. Disappointing POM again doesn't control that aggression. You can't lose a player for 65 mins and realistically expect to win yet we came close...... CJ, Keenan, Henshaw, Murray, Porter all good turns today. I'd see Killer & Furlong starting v France. I'm happier than I expected to be. Onwards to France 😎🏉🇮🇪

Paul Smith Some positives but ultimately a game we could have won turned by a moment of madness by a player who should have known better but its not the first time this season hes done something like that. Henshaw, Beirne and Keegan had superb games but some awful decisions by players been picked on reputation over form cost us in the end.

Andrew Potts Did very well to mitigate the sending off but in the second half a few too many errors in contact , decision and execution to win the game. The final kick to touch being a dreadful lapse of execution and intellect, considering the time and position of the game. Not the reason we lost but indicative.

Gav Heg Pom surely now has no leg to stand on in his contract negotiations. Let him go to France. Stupid stupid move and utterly pointless.

There is positives to this game, furlong class when he came on, Keenan is not giving up that 15 jersey anytime soon, jgp changed the pace when he came on, stander looked hungry, beirne did well but I wouldn't have him @ 6.

Utterly disappointing game, made worse by how awful Wales were.

Shane Smith This is the happiest ive ever been after a loss. Id imagine if we won playing like wales youd have the usuals on giving out stink. We played very well, the extra man and some individual errors cost us, but thats not something a team can control.

Sebastian Brennan There’s something definitely wrong in Munster camp as their players heads were definitely not in the game. PoM proved again he can’t control himself, Earls was totally lost, and Murray’s cardboard cutout would’ve done better than Murray had himself. CJ was the only one trying to do anything.

Kieran Kelleher I think there is a lack of creativity and imagination in attack. It was like Italy's purple patch against France yesterday, one up runners, no looking for the offload in the tackle and kicking possession back to the opposition at key times...

Richard Mifsud We’re all deflated after Billy B’s kick and that is understandable, we’re also disappointed with some mistakes that cost us but just remember that from the 14th minute after a deserved red card, 14 men (losing key players) put us in a position to potentially win that match. I’ll say that again from the 14th minute, 14 men ( plus subs) put us in a position to win that match. That wasn’t just through guts and gumption it was also about great skill, game management, aggressive D and tactical nous. I for one cannot level any criticism at the players who remained on the pitch and those that came on. That is the best I have seen the boys play in a very long time and I for one whilst obviously disappointed am certainly not despondent. This team is getting back to a seriously competitive level. Great match next to show what they’re capable of with 15 on the field. Difficult to pick standouts because they all played their part but Tadgh Beirne, CJ, Conor, Robbie H, Garry & Hugo #COYBIG

Garry Wynne  Apologies to Wales for that red card tackle. Hope the win is some consolation. Won't let it happen again.

James Griffin While disappointed with the result, I was encouraged by much of the Ireland team display.

I thought our front rows, those who started and those who finished, did well; Herring needs to watch the penalty count though. The second rows also did well as did the back rows, apart from POM. He should know better, has done this before this season and, no doubt, will be his own harshest critic. His red card may prove more costly to him than just today; it may cost him his place longer term given the quality of the alternatives available.

I thought Murray did well in the circumstances but he too needs to watch the penalty count and some of his kicks were too long. Those that were well judged and chased yielded either penalties or territory. Sexton, one kick aside, was good; brave to a fault. Burns ... he went for it and it didn’t work out. Admired the ambition but not the execution. Our centres did really well as did our full back. Our wings had a mixed bag, between a knock on by one and two crucial missed tackles by the other, while both were good going forward and kick chasing.

All told, while Wales won, I think there’s much more to come from this Ireland team; I don’t know that I could say the same about Wales based on what I saw today.

Be great too if people took off the provincial lens when commenting.

Gerald Williamson Two people stood out for me Keenan and Beirne stood out for me. How long more is Johnny going to put himself in getting more injuries. He is definitely becoming injury prone. Bring on Ross and Harry Byrne.

Neil Keegan  It’s a tough times like this I return to the wisdom or Mike Lowry and Martin Burnett from bad boys 1, 2 and for life
‘We ride together, we die together’

Tough day at the office, it hurts. Mistakes made. Not all negative but at the end of the day, we urinated on our own feet too many times to get into the nightclub

Sharon Murphy  Gutted but proud of the boys

Iain O'Connor  Im not sure we win that even with 15. We looked stale and came to life after the red. Still, the red didnt help.

Considering the amount of choice we have in the back row I cant see why POM is next or near that team and hopefully this drops him for a good while.

We slogged well with 14 but its always an uphill even though Wales weren't great.

I dont blame Burns for the kick to the corner at the end. He is a third rate 10 and shouldn't ever be in that position, I blame the man picking him.

Adrian van der Lee  So frustrating! Surely Sexton's had his day? He can no longer take a pass unless he's standing still and even then he just shovels in on. Burns was dreadful, way too many poor decisions. We badly need a reliable fly half. Oh wait - there is one - Mad Dog!

Rhian Nowell-Phillips  Wales are a team in transition and whilst it was hardly a vintage display, our line outs were abysmal, but, compared to the autumn, we have moved forward. Ireland really dug in during the first half and there were some glimpses of great stuff from them. Ireland gave lots of penalties away, Wales made loads of errors, but they hung in there. Great to see AWJ back on form and George showed his regional form, LRZ was fab. Henshaw was brilliant today (thought he should have been mom, although Wyn was a workhorse) the best thing from a Wales point of view is that they won and that will change their whole mindset before their trip up to Scotland and they scored two tries

Hywel Davies  Daylight robbery.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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