Sunday, January 24, 2021

Online comments after Munster v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Derek McGee The archetypal game of four quarters (is that a thing?). Munster showed intensity from the jump in both halves but ran out of ideas pretty quickly. Leinster much happier to absorb the pressure & keep the tackle count high whilst Munster punched themselves out. It was always going to be a game won with either brains or magic and it turned out to be both: Sexton working for that penalty before HT & the Byrne-Keenan-Larmour show in the second half. Relieved is the right word, after some of the media build-up this week having a definite red tinge to it 😏 Shout outs to Scott Fardy, who had one of his best games in a while, an absolute nuisance throughout, and Luke McGrath who was everywhere for the whole game

David Lawlor Stole it, no other word. Munster would be gutted though but you can miss easy kicks like that and expect to win.

Gav Heg I love winning. I love winning against Munster even more. I love winning against Munster when we don't deserve it the most.
We had no business being in that game with ten left as we made far too many mistakes and didn't front up but it could be the mark of an excellent side being able to do that.

We went to thomond and got a victory while keeping Munster scoreless for 68 minutes, that's impressive.

To me Brace did nothing wrong but considering his connection with Munster he should not have reffed the game.

Peter Tracey (reply to Gav Heg) I couldn’t understand why he gave a penalty to Munster from the scrum that lead to their try though? And one no arm tackle.

Noel Hewson Smash and Grab Munster let that one get away. Potentially 16-3 if JJ nails the two kicks. Leinster try was extremely well worked fantastic hands from Keenan. I’ve no idea we’re these two teams are because they are clearly way better that the rest of the league but with Europe disrupted hard to judge.

Paul Smith Brace was poor, some of his calls were baffling to say the least. Also, having a TMO who is from one of the provinces is ridiculous. I was very disappointed with the officials tonight to be honest.

Gerald Williamson Leinster got a get out of jail card after the Munster 2 pen miss kicks. Some silly pen given away on both sides. J L took his try well following slick back play. Was impressed by Munster's Tadgh Beirne, he prevented Leinster from nearly scoring twice. To be honest, not a spectacular match to watch.

John Brennan (reply to Gerald Williamson) Both times off his feet but ref let him away.

Conor Cronin I said at half time you can't win without possession, it seems I was wrong. Those 2 turnovers on the munster try line were huge, but in the end, simple clever set piece play wins out.

Lots to learn from in this, lots to work on, no complaints

Brian Corr Murray came over the top to snag Ringrose from a yard off side and Brace said onside when he lifted the ball some ridiculous shit, not helped by linesmen

Andrew Potts On a side note you have to worry about Murray not being able to work out how to beat Leinster.

I think of John Robbie and he would never have kept losing to the same team.

With the immortal words of Carwyn James in 71. It was never in doubt. 😊😊

Dave Murray Thank God Hanrahan was on kicking duty....

Warren Doyle Leinster know how to win. End of story. How many times have they drawn the win from imminent defeat?? Brave Munster effort.

Tom Clarke Best team won on the night. Poor enough game.

Anton Phelan Did Munster score in the second half

George Larkin (reply to Anton Phelan) No. 68 mins pointless

Adam Culligan Mike Healy had a great game

Chris Bond Never been more releived

Martin Lynch Ref Crap . We Were Poor For Most Of Match . Ruddock Failed To Shine . Bad Match All Round . But We Won . 👍💙🏉🍾

George Beattie Best game Munster have played in 10 years, Leinster were awful.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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