Sunday, January 03, 2021

Online comments after Leinster v Connacht

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin That BP flatters Leinster. The better team all game were Connacht. You can blame late changes, lack of an out half etc, but Connacht were better. Video on Monday won't be fun, particularly with the focus on players not supporting the ruck and protecting the ball.

The streak had to end some time. Well done to Connacht for being the team to do it

Paul Smith Far too many errors especially in the first half, some terrible decisions made in our own 22. Taking nothing from Connacht though, who were superb and fully deserved their win. The 2nd half was much better and you"d have to think if Hawkshaws try stood Leinster might have gone on and snatched an undeserved win. The other worry is the injuries, Johnny seems to be made of glass at the moment and we had others dropping like flies. The late BP might prove to be vital, and next weeks game is now massive for us. A win and we can put this one behind us. The run couldn't go on forever, but now we have to start another one.

Derek McGee Excellent performance from Connacht but absolutely dreadful stuff from Leinster on the other side of it. Some bad luck with injuries, sure, but some absolutely bizarre coaching decisions. Why was Jimmy O'Brien playing outhalf for a quarter of the game when it was clear after about 5 minutes that he was completely lost in that position? Terrible lack of work at the breakdown and, whilst some mitigation in having two debutants there, absolutely awful defensive play in the back three. Also, wasting Dan Leavy's considerable talents at 8. A chastening defeat for all concerned but a result which Connacht absolutely earned, regardless of the "efforts" of their opposition.

Dónal Foley Breakdown and backfield were atrocious, lineout poor as well. There were mitigating factors for some of it, and they did improve in the second half, so there's plenty of hope for next week. But improvements definitely required.

Henry Sellars Ulster will be licking their lips. That BP at the end may be crucial. Leo will be having nightmares about that first half. Taking nothing away from Connacht, brilliant... Had it done by HT. Will we have a decent XV for next week? We'll need it.

Sean Michaels I think a bit of humble pie at the beginning of the year might not be a bad thing. We have had an almighty kick up the backside but it means that we can get our house in order in time for the European games. Great result for Connacht and for the Pro 14 in general. No complaints from me as the better team won on the day

David Lawlor Those kids will learn more from a chastening loss than an easy win, hopefully a few players to come back next week and get us into shape before Europe again

Jamie Donohoe We learned this evening that Dan Leavy needs to be playing at 6 and Ryan Baird belongs in the second row. Leinster management badly underestimated Connacht with some of the selections

Odran John OBrien (reply to Jamie Donohoe) totally agree with Ryan at Lock but l like Dan at Open Side WF

Noel Hewson Fair play to Connacht deserving winners. Same concerns as always for Leinster line out is poor regardless of the personal involved and turning the ball over a lot via the breakdown which will hurt them significantly against the best teams. Really unlucky with injuries right now but there are issues to fix for sure including continuing slow starts and the above.

John Curran Unfortunately can see covid19 shutting diwn the competition, Possibly before next weeks match can take place.

Eamon Phelan Delighted for Connaught they always try to play no negativity , brilliant to watch

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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