Saturday, January 09, 2021

Online comments after Leinster v Ulster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin A sloppy first half, line out wasn't great and so kept giving opportunity to ulster, missed kicks and touch, not always defending the ruck, and some unnecessary penalties all become irrelevant because as the game progressed leinster grew into it, got better, scored 4 tries and got the job done! Great defense in that last few minutes just pushing them back again and again, and ulster didn't have the creativity to get a losing bp.

If they can keep that 2nd half positive play going into the next few games we're gonna see the best of leinster again.

Paul Smith Hard to put into words the quality of that Leinster performance tonight. Absolutely unbelievable defence throughout the game but the last 5 minutes was such a massive statement of intent. Keenan was on a different planet tonight, and Dave showed once again what a brilliant finisher he is. He had no right to finish that try. From 1 to 23, every player stood tall and put in a show, and in fairness to Ulster, they played their part in a cracking match. Leinster showed why they've won 3 Pro14s in a row and they are not going to give up number 4 easily.

Brian Corr Enjoyed the game, it was hard fought and nothing came easy. Loved the way Coatzee was kept (for him) relatively quiet.

Delighted to see Larmour last the game and look to be hungry.

Kearney just keeps giving while Keenan is better each game he plays.

The real deal though was the pack, I thought they bullied Ulster and for the most part had them under wraps, making it impossible for Cooney and Burns to make any hay.

Just wondering what Leinster could do if there was not so much chopping and changing.

One thing is becoming a bit of a constant in most Leinster games and that is they make an excellent break, gain 30-50 metres, then turnover, penalty out. This happens two or three times in most games regardless of what personnel are involved and I reckon Leo must be pulling his hair out.

Eamon Phelan Impressive display by Leinster, the heavy gang , Fardy , Ruddock , Ross Byrne did well , looked awesome

Gav Heg Two weeks of unleinsterlike performances but happily this time we came out on top. Sloppy first half but better and more clinical second. Keenan was outstanding and will be an Ireland starter for years to come. If jgp did this week in week out he would be too. Sexton proved once again how he's not a captain, brace had to tell him to stop shaking his head.

It's so difficult to see the RDS empty, cannot wait to get back.

Ollie Lynch Good win against much improved Ulster team

Richard Mifsud If you want know how much this meant to the lads just watch the final defensive set. It epitomises what our attitude was tonight (as opposed to last week). To the match, not a brilliant first 40 until we became more cohesive. Credit to Ulster though, whose defence was epic and whose management of the sin bin was awesome (should have been a red IMHO). Enter the second 40 and enter the Leinster we know and love. Infinitely better opposition infinitely better Leinster (this is the level we should be playing at every week IMO). That second 40 was class across the park. We were solid everywhere except on lineout when JT came on but he more than made up for it by scoring the BP try. Standouts for me Hugo, JGP, Nugget, the back row. Just two final thoughts. Firstly I really liked the balance with our second playmaker at 13 and secondly JS10 needs a long rest. The poor bugger looks tired I feel for him. PS Jordi and Mads still look strange not wearing blue 😩

Nigel Quigley (reply to Richard Mifsud) A red? Yellow wasnt enough? And he only gave that for 2 tackles. I did not see red in that and I did look, sorry, not for me. Enjoy the win though

Neil Keegan Second half showed the story. And that was only third gear. Really strangled ulster

Sexton still miles ahead

Jgp fantastic

Byrne showed class at 13

Keenan played like a 50 capper at 15

Larmour played 80 with the new shoulder

Class shows through

Peter Carroll Shit 1st half, dominate 2nd half

Tom Clarke Thought the ref was awful

Rupert Christie (reply to Tom Clarke) nonsense, Brace is excellent and is the next up and coming ref

Sharon Murphy Great game of rugby by both sides on a bitterly cold night. Well done leinster on a bonus point win and losers bonus point not conceded.

Nathan Johns Cry me a river and all that but having competitive games again has reminded me how much I love the game. Haven’t been that pumped up about a Leinster win for a while.

Reenen Stenekamp I really didn't think Sexton had this kind of game in him, in a league sense. Yes in an Ireland shirt against England for example, a lot will be said. But he really came forward and danced the dance. Respect.

Martin Loughrey Great contest tonight. Ulster are on fire. 5 points with no LB given could be massive with the shortened season.

Michelle Tobin I'm sure it was a great game but 40 minutes listening to Liam Toland is 40 minutes too long...I couldn't face the second half

Jamie Donohoe (reply to Michelle Tobin) I mute the TV whenever Toland talks

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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