Monday, November 30, 2020

Online comments after Ireland v Georgia

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Philip Connor McCloskey played well more creative than aki, Billy burns certainly allows the backs play. Byrne at 10 is too deep and offers no attacking picture for the defense. There is a reason England Rugby go to Georgia for scrum training. Why do we not flash the ball to the backs in the red zone more often it worked in the first half and looking at the defense today there was so much space outside of the one up runner channel

Sarah Lennon Greenhorns, new to the international stage at this level and out of their depth.

But enough about the Irish coaching ticket

Richard Mifsud Very frustrating from Ireland today. Credit to Georgia for fronting up but I can’t help thinking we ‘assisted’ them by trying to break through their line with brute strength and therefore playing to their strengths 🤷🏻‍♂️. Decentish first 40 but an awful disjointed second half. Appreciate the changes in personnel but that was poor execution and worse, poor attitude as in lack of urgency. We weren’t cute enough to work our way around that D we didn’t move their defence around we didn’t tire their big lumps and we lacked any real tempo in attack. I liked the use of Stockdale as a play maker in the first half but then they seemed to play to a different game plan in the second...mystifying 😬. In summary an awful lot of work for the coaches moving forward. We’ll have to improve significantly for the Scotland game because otherwise we’ll get turned over by them. Standouts for me and I use the word very loosely Conor Murray Andrew Porter and Hendo subs sadly didn’t add a great deal. Congratulations to Georgia that must feel like a win to them

Avril Poff Only 3 points each 2nd half, think that sums it up

Conor Cronin That was very poor. I know we didn't stay our strongest 15, but I'm not sure anyone there put their hands up for selection over players who were rested today. Stockdale needs to take full back lessons (or just go back to the wing ), if he tackles the ball carrier Georgia don't get their try imo.

No one pulling defenders before they pass, just passing to the next man and letting the defence drift so my the time it gets to the sideline there are 3 defenders waiting to hit the winger.

I said it last week, but Ryan needs to be far more vocal with the ref. Even ask for clarity on everything but be vocal. Don't say nothing.

Odran John OBrien (reply to Conor Cronin) in fairness to Stockdale he must be left at Full Back. No player becomes a FB over night, it took Rob Kearney 3 years to ajust from Wing 3/4 to Full Back.

Craig Grehan The collective team offered no threat, no edge, no alternative options, no leader. . .

McCloskey looked the most influential back along with Farrell but yet they didn't link together often.

Billy burns played his way into Sextons understudy.

Porter cements his spot even when furlong comes back. Who'll have to play very well.

Andy Farrell offering little ideas to poor rugby brained team.

Tom Clarke Awful all round. Real lack of creativity and power.
Also the Stockdale experiment at FB is failing badly and needs to be binned.

Nigel Quigley Poor team performance, I see Stockdale is now the new deafult player to blame for everything, but thats standard fayre in Ireland sadly. We were bullied up front in the second half and the game management went to pot when Burns went off. Porter played well, thought Stu and Chris had a decent outing. We were being turned over for fun in the second half, our set piece needs a lot of work. There were a lot of established and senior players in that 23 today, not really good enough.

Reenen Stenekamp Georgia will probably take more from this game than Ireland will.

Micheal Mac An TSagart Bludgeon at 12. Bludgeon at 13.
What is the plan after crashing the ball up the middle?
Is getting on the front foot not to open space out wide? If not, what is the idea of it, because when you keep doing it repeatedly, every other team knows what's coming.

Kieran Kelleher Experimental team, no magic but no unmitigated disasters either. Everyone did their job. The biggest thing I'd take from it is that Georgia should leapfrog Italy into 6 nations...

Joe Sheppard GEORGIA: Congratulations! Played up & scored possibly the Try of the competition. I really wish we had a 2nd Div of 6 Nations with promotion and relegation 😉👏🏉💪

IRELAND: Very poor & unstructured today unfortunately. Some useful individual cameos but meh!

Now, I am not bothered about which players were chosen thus far though I'm baffled by some throughout this tournament if I'm honest? I said before it started, I'm not bothered win, lose or draw.... I'm more interested in

A. Who AF plays in what positions
B. Which players for key areas are played together & how they performed (not withstanding injuries)? (Front Row, 2nd Row, 9,10 15 & Centres especially)
C. That we have an idea at the end of the competition who are our 1, 2 & 3 Choice per position are?
D. That we have an idea of the tactics, style of play and alternatives (when things aren't working) from the coaching team?
E. That we are on the start to France 23 because of what we can take away from our performances?

I genuinely don't believe majority, if not all the Qs I wanted answered to allow me to make an unbiased decision on where we are at. Perhaps Scotland next week will see us with what AF considers his strongest available team playing a style how he envisages Ireland moving forward. Let's give him and the lads the opportunity. It's a building phase after all.

I've seen some excellent individual playing and the occasional great bit of teamwork & play but overall no cohesive strategy & no further forward on understanding who, injuries aside are our prime candidates in each position?

A long way to go but I'm left with more Qs than answers at this juncture. 😎🏉🇮🇪😱🤔😌

Imelda Reidy Really haven't the energy [ed.-to share my thoughts] after having to sit through that 2nd half. 40 minutes of my life I'll never get back!

Neil Keegan Only thoughts are to turn off social media after games now!

Decent first 40 second 40 not good enough

Massive amount of new faces and lads with 10 caps or less who need exposure to top level ball ..

Not the end of days

John Willie Conroy Terrible today it has to be said but no need to panic yet.

Gerald Williamson There seems to be a lack of structured game plan in each match Ireland has played so far in this autumn series. If there was a plan A , there is no plan B to fall back on. I cannot understand why No 9 John Cooney is not in the equation of matches played so far. One would start to think, have we the right coaching ticket. Is it a bit to conservative ?

James Griffin Saw some glimpses of what they’re capable of but too much imprecision unfortunately and individuals overdoing it. And, imo, specialists are required for specialist positions.

Sebastian Brennan That was brutal. Murray and Mannion should be gone. Stockdale too. FFS we have betters scrum halfs and wingers/ full backs, but we’re still pushing same shite knowing well it won’t work. Very good performance by Georgia tho. Is it a time for 7 nations? They look very promising.

Annemarie Kilkenny Georgian National Anthem was rousing!

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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