Sunday, November 22, 2020

Online comments after England v Ireland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Aoife Erin No one expected us to win, England have an astoundingly good team and we have a lot of players with few caps and less experience. Farrell is doing the right thing and getting them experience against these tougher sides when it doesn’t matter (ie doesn’t impact the world standings).

That’s not to say I wasn’t screaming at the mistakes made at the line out, the missed chances, or all of the missed calls the ref let slip by.
A disappointing day for sure, and they’ve all had much better days, but we were only beaten by 11 by a ferocious English team. A tough day for the players, a bad day for the fans, but not the worst we’ve had. A lot to be fixed, but onwards and upwards! ☘️

Tom Clarke Bullied again. Same as the last few times we played them. Worrying the coaching staff couldn’t come up with a different game plan to the previous games!

Richard Mifsud My heart wanted us to win, my head wanted us to at least stand up to England and compete. We did that! First things first congratulations to England they currently have an awesome side and we’re behind the curve in comparison. They showed why they’re second in the world. This win was based on their D which was outstanding and Itoje a worthy POTM. We lost, but we lost because we were beaten by a much better side (and our set piece inaccuracies) not because we capitulated as we have done previously. IMO that’s one monkey we can get off our backs. Our own D was decent but try apart, our attack was toothless. That is down to the coaches. They changed it at HT so our improvement was no coincidence. Set pieces and tactics can be resolved pretty easily and the dog as well as the undying attitude seems to be back so while it’s not where we would like to be it’s not all doom and gloom. My standouts JGP, Caelan and Lowe. Conor looked good when he came on as did Billy B. Final words for two players. First Jacob I was absolutely chuffed for him to score that try. Lastly James Ryan. I think it showed this was his first captaincy at this level. He needs to be more assertive. He will learn and improve. In summary you need to put this into context, today saw a settled extremely good side pitted against a lesser team in transition. I think we did bloody well given that circumstance 🤷🏻‍♂️

Emmet O'Donnell No more Ross Byrne at this level . Played far too deep and just shovelled the ball on for his runners to get smashed. Great provincial player but I think we've found his ceiling ( I really hopes he proves me wrong ).

Conor Cronin I want to start by saying that I don't think England were great in attack today, where they beat us was in defence, and in our failure to secure our own ball at the line out.

If we'd had clean line out ball I don't think we'd have beaten them based on everything else, but it's where they picked up the points they needed to put and keep us behind them.

There's no one in that team played terribly, I just think that no one got the chance to do anything great because of the defence.

James Ryan needs to learn to talk to the ref, to stand up to him, give out to him, anything at all, but don't sit quietly back and let things be ignored. If he's vocal, the lads see that and know someone's got their back and it pushes them to do their best for him.

Get the line out fixed, have a plan b, and move forward

Karen Mooney Hard, tough, some magic, but when you can't knock a wall down you got to look at going around it.

Gav Heg We simply lacked professionalism.

They knew how to play the ref and did it very well. I'm sure if the ref stopped it early they had a plan B.

Roux get penalised for throwing curry out of the way rather than curry being penalised for professionally blocking roux from joining the ruck, on the Irish side! We let them do stuff like this all day.

Ryan, as great as he is, doesn't seem to be a captain yet. He never talked to the ref or raised any points with him.

We had so much aimless kicking we ruined ourselves.

I fear Stockdale's try will be terrible for Irish rugby as he'll now most likely be first choice 15.

The 18-7 scoreline actually flattered us today, easterby needs to be held accountable for the lineout and why nothing was changed in it mid match.

I fear we are now going backwards and were only made look Goodby a terrible Welsh team

Andres Jaque No spark in attack, basic mistake like drop the ball after that we won the lineout, in the one on one bulled again

Nneil Keegan It’s best to turn off social media on match day

Lockdown has made a lot of people into bitter, blind idiots who are delighted to @ players and give abuse

Today was a tough day but new faces and big liathroidi from the team is a positive

We also urinated on our own feet a few times unfortunately

Andrew Potts Lucky England did not run riot because it just felt like they had that level of dominance

Eamon Phelan Learn please ,wtf run into brick wall all day and can’t win a lineout , England are good but beatable , good energy and aggression , Ross Byrne refused to play territory, plays exactly like sexton , does not control the game , if we can’t run through them we need to put the ball through and behind them , we kick when we run out of options ,we do not kick offensively . Fair play to England they are the standard bearers now

May Hyslop We had most possession and we are trying to build a team

James Griffin England have beaten us (up) in precisely the same way in the last number of games, we knew (or should have known) what to expect, and yet seemed so undercooked. Damned frustrating.

Some of those who started today have been pushed by a vocal support base on the basis of ‘stellar’ performances against, with respect, poor sides, and didn’t deliver and didn’t show that they could. I’m all for broadening the base but not as a knee jerk reaction; some of our starting 15 have shone against lesser opposition but simply weren’t up to it today and I’m not sure that longer term, they are. My view ... we have great talent coming through ... the likes of young Craig Casey. They’re the future ... nurture them. And as a lifelong supporter of Irish rugby, I’d happily takes loses (not that my view matters) in the short term for a longer term benefit.

Aubrey Fogarty A very mediocre Irish team. And that was not a stellar England performance. These sides are not even close right now.. England on the verge of offside all day. Ireland dont have the manpower to beat them back onside with force. Just outmanned in virtually every position.

Shane Faughnan Very depressing to watch JGP and James Lowe suppress all of their rugby playing instincts and kick everything into the sky, even turnover ball. Obviously the set piece was disastrous, but the macro problem is that our passing game is so bad that it would look clunky even at Tier 2 level. We're just awful to look at, we can't use the pill at all. It's a special kind of frustrating to watch the likes of Frawley, H Byrne, Tommy and Jimmy O'Brien running dynamic lines, firing sexy skip passes and tearing teams apart for Leinster of a Monday night, then sit down on Saturday to see an Ireland side that are seemingly allergic to moving the ball. Fair play to Stockdale for grabbing his try but nil would have been a fairer reflection of just how impotent our attack was/is/seems set to continue to be... :-(

Marty Lustiano Win or learn, wasn’t our best day at the office and some players saw the true nature of tier 1 rugby. Some good points in overall defense, some lessons on accuracy and decision making. Not the end of the world by any means and although disappointing, we can improve a lot.

Michelle Tobin A tough day at the office, reminiscent of our last two days at the office with England. It's as if our game plan hasn't changed, certainly I had flashbacks to the RWC and players constantly taking balls while standing still, that's not an attack.

Felt sorry for Keenan, there was no attempt at protecting him in the air/at grounding. Also would have switched him to the wing and taken Lowe off in order to bring Stockdale on, I don't think I've ever seen Lowe (and others) have such a quiet game for any team.

Not all doom and gloom, there were positive sparks. All we need now is to fix our set piece, get a few players back from injury and come up with a new game plan!

Henry Sellars England D awesome today 6 x 20+ made tackles. They learned from WC final defeat... we cant play that game v the big 3. Need to evolve a bit.... kick to corners... win the feckin lineouts... change up the maul.... Mays 2nd was a gimme ffs no backline at all...

Jamie Bond We do need a different plan for England’s defence. But we are let down by high tackles, poor calls on turn overs, not rolling away, being offside, scrums. It’s nonsense when officials yet again miss these.

We went to England and lost by 11. That’s the reality. We had multiple new(ish) and low capped players in that team, that’s what people wanted.

But we had most of the possession and territory but are failing to use that. Not unusual with a new enough team.

Back row failing to support, clearout and dominate. Sorry but it’s time to call Stander and PoM ashore. Work rate is one thing, PoM can run all he wants but if he isn’t being effective then what’s the point in just having Passshun.

Kevin Kelehan Scoreboard flattered Ireland, need to get the set piece right, do that and things will improve.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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