Saturday, October 24, 2020

Online comments after Leinster v Zebre

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin Raging Dan Leavy didn't get that in the last minute!

Strong performance, young lads working hard to prove their worth. And they're definitely worth it. Lots of potential in the young lads, particularly Sheehan and O'brien for me.

It's been said here more than once, Harry Byrne is the full package, he had an outstanding game and perfect off the tee, mixing up the kicking and passing, keeping the Italians on their toes.

Not sure the Italians shouldn't have seen a card for that contact in Moloney's eye, intentional or not.

Paul Smith Even allowing for the poorness of the opposition that was a superb performance tonight by a very impressive Leinster team. Dan Sheehan was excellent, Harry Byrne was on fire but for me Tommy O'Brien was MOM, absolutely electric tonight, some superb carries and great finishing. How good was it to see Dan Leavy back too, if anyone deserved a last minute try it wa him. Pity there was no crowd to see some superb debuts and also to congratulate Dev and Dave on their milestones.

Joe Sheppard Great for the youngsters to keep the Leinster Rugby train rolling along...... Zebre very poor tbh so hard to truly see but the belief regardless..... oh the belief in the team is unreal.

That belief added to just how much of an importance we should attribute to the likes of Bent, Fardy & Rhys Ruddock etc for what they do as the mainstay of the Leinster "Core" season in, season out is truly what is exceptional 👌

John Clavin Obviously you can only play the opposition put in front of you, but all that anyone should take from that match is that Leinster's thirds are significantly better than Zebre's.

Both teams missing large numbers of starters due to the weirdness of having a 6 nations match this weekend.

One fears for the results that the Italian sides will have if the South Africans ever actually get in the competition - great for the top sides, but a bit rubbish for the weaker ones. Maybe it's time to think about a divisional structure....

Sean Michaels Yes it was a mismatch, yes in boxing parlance it would’ve been stopped before the end but no matter what hackneyed phrases are used Leinster were extremely impressive. Right from the kick off they let their intentions be known and every Leinster player “looked up” for it, a relentless blue tide surging forward with the new guard emphatically letting the old guard know that there will be no respite for them.

Martin Loughrey Good result tonight from a squad filled with young lads. Once the BP was in the bag the big question was would they take their eyes off the ball or keep their feet on the throats of Zebre. Nothing to worry about in the end. A ruthless display, albeit against a much weaker side. All credit to Zebre in that they kept the ball live to the death and kept looking to go forward.

Henry Sellars Emphatic. Anyone in the squad can roll in or out seamlessly. Ok it was Zebre, but hats off to the boys... everyone has put their hands up for contention for future Pro 14(16?) and Euro squads... long may the conveyor run imo....💙💙💙

Noel Cuddy Dan is back ! Great to see. Harry and Rhys had great games

Sharon Murphy Brilliant to see Dan back delighted to see the young guns laying down a good marker.

Kevin Doran Think it shows how strong the Leinster squad and academy is and very importantly the coaching staff, we were missing a lot of players, and had some great talent tonight, Zebre were missing their international players and it showed, great win guys ,keep it up, cant wait to get to RDS to support the Boys in Blue

Stephen Sheridan Ruthless! from the first minute to the last ,none stop attack,a few left out there but Zebre help on a few of them..can only play whats in front of you 🙂 great to see Dan the man! get a good 2nd half with his usual great play 🙂 Harry Byrne take a bow aswell son what a display with the boot and game management ....well done lads great game

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019