Sunday, October 25, 2020

Online comments after Ireland v Italy

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Paul Smith Feels weirdly disappointing after conceding the try in the last minute. Having said that, some great moments in the game and some standout performances especially Keenan, Connors, Stander and Doris great to see so many debutants playing so well and lovely to see Irelanf trying something different with some superb offloads. Have to be happy to score 50 points in any game at the end of the day.

Karen Mooney Great match, one or two hiccups but till a really good game, thanks lads, well done. Good luck with next weekend.

Conor Cronin Delighted with how the debutants stepped up, impressed with Ringrose before he went off. Dare I say he is a better scrum half than certain others?! His staying off doesn't bode well. Disappointing to give up the points the way they did, but a decent performance against opposition who weren't up to the standard.

Something something relegation something Georgia...

Andrew Potts Scrum half is being picked on reputation, its two years since his international performance was up to standard.

Ronan McManus Great to blood some new players and see them perform so well.
Seems to be a little more willingness to play a bit more loosely.

The Italians weren't great but our jackaling over the ball was a good indicator of coming to terms with the new laws.

Chop tackles ✅

Rustiness and new systems probably excuse some of the sloppiness
We will need a big step up next week <insert French in Paris clichés here> but plenty to be optimistic about, depending on which French team turns up <insert different French clichés here>.

Lee O Farrell Have to admire the Italians continuing to play after 80 minutes. I know we may come to regret it but I’m happy for them that their tenacity paid off

Nneil Keegan We couldn’t win for winning.

A couple of rough patches but deserved the shoreline. Jgp showed game changing class when he cane on. Everyone played well. Need a big shtep up next week

But, if someone said we’d have an opportunity to win the 6n 2020 a year ago, I’d have bitten their hand off

Let’s goooooo

Noel Cuddy Connors and POM immense. JGP a definite 9 for the future , adds a new dimension with the width he creates, CJ take a bow 💯

Joe Sheppard A bit lacklustre at times...... superb play by certain players. JGP NEEDS to start. His vision, awareness & speed change the dynamics of the game...... Fair play to Italy for keeping going for 80 minutes 👏

Three points to take away

1. The youngster's showed they're really up for this!
2. We MIGHT rue lost 14 points (JS10 intercept & last Azurri Try) given England will put 60 or 70 pts on Italy
3. ALL we need to do is score 4 Tries in France and win. #Simples

Kieran Kelleher Ringrose at scrum half....!!! Keep him there..

Richard Mifsud Took a wee while to settle but eventually we saw Andy Farrell’s stamp on the team. More heads up rugby, more offloads than we’ve seen in forever capped by the offload king himself Sonny Bill O’Mahoney and 1 box kick. We looked very good in patches and very pedestrian in others. Don’t forget this is a work in progress. Greater freedom of expression which is a joy to watch. Debutants played very very well. Sterner tests await but today’s was a good performance. Whatever happens in Paris, this is a better 6N. When it clicks properly I think we may become quite irrepressible #coybig

Enda Lonergan Stander is a machine

Sean McGabhainn 50 mins decent 30 sloppy. Excellent breakdown work. Backrow had nice balance and blend of hard work, hard tackles and hard runs. Beirne big game on the defensive front. Ryan and healy not quite up to speed. Half backs solid, virgins shite crowd noises a pain especially when ye hear all the commentators talking about akis vocals. Excellent debut for keenan, conway not quite at it but ball didn get to him in any space, ive seen him do better in tougher situations. Stockdale either awful or excellent but i want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he was very positive, his big boot and big fend are big assets, and he seems to have a better eye for a pass than larmour or kearney in the past. Be interesting to see whos in the line up next week though. Ringrose has made the centre partnership decision but wonder if vdf experience will be favoured to connors and possibly earls over keenan. Personally id keep the same side.

Craig Grehan Only negatives were the injuries picked up.

POM proving he's just class.

International rugby is back 😁😁😁😁

Micheal Mac An TSagart Not much to say as it was similar to Leinster v Italy last night. Playing absolutely rubbish opposition who we know we can thrash in third gear.

What can you take from it really?

Adam Everard Thought Gibson park was brilliant when he came on

Tony Doyle Sluggish in parts but good win, sloppy try to give away at the end.

Ken Wright (reply toTony Doyle) Agreed Byrne should have taken longer with the conversion then time would have been up hope that 7 points does not cost us in the end

Mel Cawley Great debuts and cameo from POM. We have to acknowledge the speed that JGP brought to the game. He could change the style of play for Ireland.

Noel Hewson Did what needed to be done. Need to step it up again to win in Paris. Keenan, Connors, Stander and Doris were standouts for me. Lineout still looks iffy.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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