Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Ciarán Duffy's final HoR post : A Man Walks Into A Blog

More than 5 years ago I sent an article in to Jeff.  I didn’t get a reply within a day so I assumed that was that.  Then that Monday I got an email from Jeff (the same Jeff as the first sentence) saying he had been busy with the birth of one of his children.  Jeff said he publish the article, and that was start of me Harpin’ on…. About Rugby.  

Since then I’ve written over 100 articles.  From African to Pacific rugby, from Americas to lower Tier Europa, I’ve tried to go all around the world.  And I still intend to, however, it will be in a different place.  

Anybody who has read my articles will see Post to Post Sport mentioned.  We started as an online radio show in University, became a podcast, and now also have a website.  As we’ve launched properly now with sections for Rugby, Football, and Wrestling, it’s time I shifted my focus fully onto this new venture.  This 162nd article for Harpin’ On Rugby will be my final one for now.  

I’ve immensely enjoyed my time writing for this site, and I’m glad I was given the chance.  In my first year I was able to cover the 2015 World Cup, including the biggest shock in World Rugby when Japan beat South Africa.  I’ve also written more serious articles, like about how sport got me through many challenging times.  I’ve done the big Leinster review and preview write-ups 3 times (all losses, which is why I won’t be speculating on the next game).  My very first article was on my frustration at watching Leinster struggle at home to Treviso while missing out on a place in the league play-offs.  It is fitting that a journey that started with the lowest point for Leinster in my time as a fan finishes with an invincible domestic season.  

I’ve met many people through writing here.  I’ll still be appearing on Jeff’s pod from time to time, and I’ll still be ignoring Big Joe Sheeps phone calls.  I will also continue to remind Keego that I finished as number 1 contributor (I seriously do this every time Keego appears on our rugby podcast).  

As for Post To Post Sport, we are still young in terms of our website, but we want to bring you all the coverage we can.  We’ll have write-ups of matches involving Irish sides, including this one on last weekends Pro14 Final. And our rugby podcast Provincial Jazz will have new episodes throughout the season, featuring ex-players and pundits.  

Here’s Where You Can Find Post To Post Sport

Website: PostToPost.Sport.Blog

Twitter: @PostToPostSport

Instagram: PostToPostSport

Facebook: @PostToPostSport

Thanks to everyone who has read my articles over the years.  I hope you continue to read Harpin’ On Rugby’s content and come join us over on Post to Post Sport.  

You’ll still be hearing my voice on the HoR podcast from time to time (as if anyone can ever not hear my voice).  And I may be wandering around the RDS from time to time in my Charlton Athletic hat (in the 5 years I’ve written here I have only owned one hat).  

Ciarán Duffy is the Producer and Presenter of Post to Post Sport (@PostToPostSport), a sports podcast that covers rugby, football, wrestling, and Irish Sport News. You can get their podcasts on MixCloud our Spotify (Search PostToPostSport) and PlayerFM (Post to Post Sport).

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019