Wednesday, June 03, 2020

#RetroRugby home page

Throughout the COVID void we have run a feature called #RetroRugby whereby myself and a guest would watch a great rugby match from years gone by and have a harpin' session via the pod. 

Here's a home page for links to all the different episodes - of course if you subscribe to The HarpinOnRugby Podcast (available on all major platforms) you'll get the new ones as we make them, as well as our other recently added feature The Pod Of Three were we share clips from all the best independent rugby podcasts out there. 
  1. FRAvIRE2018 featuring @RugbyKino
  2. WALvIRE2009 featuring Conor Cronin
  3. HCupFinal2009 featuring Neil ‘Keego’ Keegan (@nkeegan)
  4. RSAvJPN2015 featuring Ciarán Duffy (@PostToPostSport)
  5. 2ndNZLvBIL2017 featuring Michelle Tobin (@CorkSeashell)
  6. AUSvIRE from #RWC2011 featuring Kristian Ross
  7. ENGvFRA2015 (plus Ferg McF tribute) featuring Conor Cronin
  8. LEIvSCA HCup SF 2018 featuring Richard Mifsud
  9. HCupFinal2011 featuring Mike Ross & Big Joe Shep
  10. TLSvLEI HCup QF 2006 featuring @RugbyKino
  11. IREvNZL2018 featuring Ciarán Duffy (@PostToPostSport)


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019