Friday, May 29, 2020

Front Five - 29.05.20

Start your day with five eye-catching egg-chasing quotes & links from around the ruggersphere.

ICYMI click here to see the premiere
of our new Facebook Live show "The Leinster Laighin"
which aired on Thursday evening

Also, congrats to the Bilbao 2018 design
for it's 57.3%-42.7% victory over Cardiff 2011
in the final of the Leinster Jersey McJerseyface Cup

"If you can't play the game as we have seen it ... if you have to go with stark modifications, there is no point in resuming."

Brendan O'Brien - Irish Examiner

‘Fuel’ will be published on 29 October, Penguin Ireland have announced.

When not in her PPE and scrubs, she reverts to an alter ego: Louise Galvin, Ireland Rugby Sevens international

John O'Sullivan - Irish Times
(possibly behind paywall)

All the trials, which are optional, are designed to reduce the risk of transmission among players by bringing down contact in rucks, scrums and mauls by 25-50%.

Gerard Meagher - The Guardain

...the Giltinis name is certain to be polarizing

(editor's note : YA THINK????)

Americas Rugby News

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019