Sunday, February 02, 2020

Online comments after Ireland v Scotland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Martin Loughrey I did not enjoy that one bit. Murray was the same as always - kicked away possession too much and was slow. Cooney needs to start next week. A damn shame for Doris. I hope he's ok. Ringrose too. All told it was Scotland's indiscipline that won us that game. (Ours wasn't great either to be fair) I think the Scots will be kicking themselves. The ref was very poor too.

Noel Hewson Take the win but need to improve plenty for Wales next week. Injuries did not help with the team getting into a flow. Defence was very passive not sure I understand that call.

Sebastian Brennan Scots lost it by their indiscipline, tho we weren’t too far behind them in penalty count. Cooney should start next week as Murray is too slow and ran out of ideas. Aki, Henshaw and Byrne look promising together, this combination should be played more often. And last but not least. How much longer will we be forced to watch abysmal performances from French referees? The trend from World Cup continues and soon someone will get seriously hurt due to their errors.

Chris McDonnell Somebody tell me what Easterby adds to this set up? Our forwards all play as individuals.

Craig Boyd That was bloody awful- no excuses. Scotland the dominant team, on the front foot for long periods and had the upper hand in the scrum. Butchered loads of chances and should have had the win. Ireland ground out the win but looking forward Wales will be licking their lips.  And to think Andy Farrell had the experience working with Joe Scmidt to pick all his 'go to' players. Change it up Andy. This crash bang first phase rugby has had its day.

Ian McDonald Ref was awful for the first 60 minutes. We can't play like that against Wales next weekend.

Conor Cronin Blessed by Hogg's mistake.

I think if we didn't lose the couple of players to injury, especially Doris, I wouldn't feel so stressed right now.

I hate to say it, worst job on the pitch... But that ref. Afraid of the tmo, afraid of his cards, afraid to give appropriate advantage or to give penalties for holding on.

Frustrating match to watch. Welsh won't afraid next week

Riocard Ó Tiarnaigh We let Scotland impose their game plan on us. Both teams played like they were trying to avoid the wooden spoon. Certainly there were no championship contenders on display today.

Sean Michaels A very messy game. Coming up against a combination of a very cynical Scotland side and a ref who let them indulge in it. It was a very attritional game and I thought the Ireland defence was immense. Feel sorry for Doris but POM answered the call admirably and went on to have a very good game. CJ deserved his MoM but was pushed close by Josh Van de Flier. The two Ireland players who probably were under the most pressure, Murray & Sexton had contrasting games. Unfortunately Murray did not do anything to justify his inclusion in next weeks team whilst Sexton answered his critics by not only scoring all the points but also by having a good game all round. We have to remember that this is a team in transition and will not develop from the close structured game plan of Schmidt to a more free flowing game over the course of one Six Nations. Fingers crossed that the numerous injuries we picked up are not too serious

Ed Walsh This will be the high point of our season.
Rubbish ref and the TMO must have enjoyed his nap.

Andrew Potts OK I need some clarity on the new interpretation of the maul and what players can and cannot.

Certainly Ireland do not seem to be as clued in on either side of the ball.

On a similar theme is the Irish pack the only one that goes forward and gets penalised in the scrum.I cannot think of another team this happens too. Final whinge the Irish commentary were surprised how Scotland were so competitive bringing their unique World Cup form to the 6 Nations.

Pieter Smit Scots brought their A game and Ireland had to work hard for the win. Well played but big improvement required going forward, especially for Wales next weekend

Paul Walsh We looked good when taking the ball at speed, but poor when taking the ball standing.
We needed to control more and just keep the ball in hand.
It's a start, but we were blessed that Hogg dropped the ball over the line.

Cormac Mannion Where has the physicality from the last time we played them gone?

Lee O Farrell Loathe to blame ref but he missed about half a dozen really obvious infractions. Stander was immense. And poor Doris. What a letdown. Liked the look of the rugby they were playing. Could be exciting times ahead.

Jeremy Eakin Dull. Very very dull. But a win nonetheless.

Gerald Williamson Not a pretty game to watch. Discipline not great on both sides. Was the ref afraid to show a card. He seem a bit indecisive

Kevin Kelehan Glad it was Scotland this week and not Wales

Wayne O'Brien Not pretty. A win is a win but we need to perform better next week against Wales otherwise they will slice us we need to be faster and sharper

Sharon Murphy Murray way to slow at the ruck and that bloody box kick😟. Hope the injuries are not too bad.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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