Monday, February 24, 2020

Online comments after England v Ireland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Conor Cronin Poor from Ireland. England were the better team all round. You can blame a bad bounce of the ball if you want, you can blame poor refereeing if you want, but eventually you have to look to the coaching ticket and players and ask what was plan b?

Glad to see some younger players put up the hand and put in the extra work. Ryan clearing out was excellent to watch, but that's only good if 2 rucks later someone else is protecting the ball carrier and we don't concede a penalty and turnover. There is good work and it deserves positive reinforcement, and for that to be the basis to push players to be better for each other

Lorcán Murphy First 40 was shocking. Second 40 was average when England couldn’t keep their own pace going

Joe Sheppard Well. It's how we play over the 5 game period but I think we offer more when newer/ younger players players supplement the side. Moreover it's a lack of tactical adaptation that's bothering me.... we are only 3 games into the new era...... let's see what Daddy Faz does reference players & tactics against Italy and France then we can see where we are. We offered nothing really today.

Noel Cuddy Itoje is a class player and England should be disappointed with the score line

Sebastian Brennan Cooney and Byrne should be played more often. The game dynamics changed once they were introduced. They should start against Italy to see how they compare to Sexton and Murray. To be honest England was so superior in the first half, there was really to late to fight back in the second one, however it was good damage limitation exercise.

Gavin Doyle Johnny and Conor took the soup from Bono. That’s what happens. Start Cooney and Byrne against Italy.

Ted Phil Turner Not a great performance from Ireland, but in truth England didn’t allow them to have any impact at all in the first half.

England then made a few mistakes in the second just as Ireland were getting themselves together, fortunately they pulled their act together again

Philip Lawlor Back row outclassed. Absolutely no ball carriers, standing starts, straight to contact. Selection issues in there still. Saying that just a 3rd game with a new coaching staff. Hopefully I’m not clutching at straws.

Reenen Stenekamp The scoreline isn't a fair reflection of the game. This was a pasting. Poor day at the office. The sun will rise again tomorrow.

A positive: on a bad day such as this, it rarely happens that an individual player has a good game. If it's off, they're all off. Aki and Van der Flier were top dollar today. Heads high for them.

Kevin Kelehan Cooney is now the first choice scrum half. The fact that the team stayed in contention is a positive but the standard of play was poor, needs to see a very big step up for both of the last 2 games

Patrick Logan England intensity was fantastic and Ireland couldn’t live with it. Happens to often. Just as Sexton playing when demonstrably not fit. Beaten off the park. Only ray of light came in performances of Doris and Kelleher off the bench. Looked right at home in a savage test match. Time to back them and give them a run.

Craig Grehan Why have we no game changers in the team ?
Smart players able to fuck the game plan out the window?

Gerald Williamson The confidence was gone after the 2 English tries. Ireland were bullied around the park.I would change the starting No 9 & 10 for the next match.

Paul Smith It was men against boys today, Ireland were totally outplayed and outclassed and if we are been honest the 12 point difference flattered us.

Marconi Giampaolo Took too long to realise what was going on. Two brain farts in the in-goal area and game over.

Gerald Colan-O'Leary Fantastic England. Can someone sort the commentators though please? Their are the most irratining egits. They are the ones that turn everyone outside if England against an excellent team.

Lee O Farrell Given the recent results against England, getting beaten by 3 tries to 2 really isn’t the worst result. Game changed totally when Cooney came on. Is this the beginning of the end for Murray

Imelda Reidy Absolutely abysmal performance. Half backs were shocking. Completely outclassed by a really good England team. Need to go back to the drawing board.

Russ Rafter Simple .......England looked like they wanted to win.

Ireland looked like they were just going through the motions.

David Ryle Itoje got under the Ireland players skins again. Half back pairing still aren't right. The Scotland and Welsh games papered over the cracks.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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