Sunday, December 01, 2019

Online comments after Glasgow v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Jamie Bond Considering the teams that were announced you would have said Glasgow would have won. But for Leinster to win away from home against a good team like Glasgow then that is massive.

In terms of the squad that is huge. 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice players are very capable of doing serious damage to any team.

I’d hate to be the management every week having to pick a team.

Sharon Murphy Wouldn't want to be the one picking the team but a great complaint to have. Serious depth in the squad.

Conor Cronin Original thoughts were if we get a good performance away missing lots of first choice players that would be good enough. No one told those 23 players.

They clearly didn't see that as being enough, and it's awesome to see that happen. Every one of them played like there's a spot on the squad for him next week and plenty of them would be deserving.
Huge defense particularly the last 5 minutes, made up for the mistakes in the first 20 or so. And delighted to deny them the losing BP.

Massive shift from Will Connors again, he'll be putting massive pressure on lads allegedly ahead of him.

Joe Sheppard Phenomenal effort at the end to stave off a Warriors losing BP. Very impressed with Maloneys leadership. Great D and a win OTR

David Lawlor Glasgow were a little disappointing to be honest. They surely would have looked at the team we put out and fancied their chances. Gibson Park was super and Will Connors is some sort of tacking machine. Massive kudos has to go to the coaching staff too for instilling the level of belief in these kids that they can take anyone on.

Stuart McHugh Unreal win. Young side with such guts and did anything to prevent a try at the end. Brilliant. Such a tough place to go and get a win.

Paul Smith And just like that it was 7 from 7. Given the team we put our, the opposition, the venue and the expectations, I genuinely believe it's been our most impressive win in the Pro14 so far this season. Super win, and lovely to see a Kellleher on the scoreboard for a change 😂.

John Peeters Massive win. The strength and belief in this Leinster squad amazing. Always brings a smile to the face when we beat Glasgow too (and all their cynicism)

Gerald Williamson The last few mins of play was unreal. Over 30 phrases of play by Glasgow could not break down a resolute Leinster defence. A great win away by Leinster, beating Glasgow by 23 - 10.

Joe Fo Sho Without Hogg Glasgow seemed a whole lot less dangerous. Not taking anything away from the lads performance tonight of course.

Sharon Scully When the squad was announced it was the genuine excitement of what seemed like an inexperienced team but knowing they're having a cracking season! Strength in depth is unreal. That points difference 😍 Excited for the trip to Northampton next weekend (and hopefully the train strike doesn't impact us, literally booked the train tickets yesterday without knowing, typical!!!)

Robert Purfield Fantastic win. Like a lot of people I wasn’t expecting a win tonight. The lads were superb

Jamie Donohoe Magnificent commitment, hunger and huge discipline in those last 10 minute. There are some superb young players making their mark & great to see Cian Kelleher getting a start and scoring 2 great tries

Sebastian Brennan Great win from a young and still quite developmental side. Glasgow really didn’t have game plan for tonight.

Martin Loughrey I was listening to a bit of Jazz in the car earlier. Blue Train by John Coltrane. That's what this squad is. A Blue Train. Unstoppable.

Richard Collumb Fantastic performance from some of the younger players- will stand to them. Impressive strength in depth

Paul Lacey And to think Glasgow had a one man advantage for ten minutes, that's some going ..

Noel Hewson Depth is great at the moment. Connors with another fine display. Building very nicely.

Tom Foran What a great performance from a very young team well done to all

Tony Joyce C'mon Leinster excellent result, away from home

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019