Thursday, October 03, 2019

Online comments after Ireland v Russia

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Richard Mifsud BPW and big points differential but the performance was poor. I may sound like a disgruntled idiot but if possible I’m even more frustrated than in the Japan match. Appreciate the conditions are crap but on this evidence we will struggle in the next matches. Handling errors were rife. We’re still too dogmatic in our approach and there are occasions when we need to play a more expansive game but we’re clearly very apprehensive to do so. This was one of those games. It was only when Carty started mixing it up that we got some joy (there’s a lesson in that). Whoever decided that switch of styles has my thanks and applause. For long periods in that game I really worried about getting the BP. A better side would have run us close today. I wish I could put my finger on what’s wrong but there is a spark missing from our play I just wish I could flick a switch for it to work. On to Samoa now and #COYBIG

Conor Cronin Glad we got the win and the BP. But the minute sexton went off we weren't great at all. It's it his game management or his leadership? Either way we lacked without him.
We don't look like semi finalists so far
Really hope Murphy is OK.

Martin Loughrey Nowhere near the performance of a contender against a minnow. We needed a cricket score today to restore some faith (And pride) and we didn't get it. Unless there's a miracle turnaround we'll be heading home at the usual time. Strange to be so dissapointed with a BP win and a zero on the oppositions scoresheet.

Reenen Stenekamp Extremely difficult conditions. Handling errors in every game, this one was no exception. The team is under extreme pressure to win and score 4 tries. They did that. Mission accomplished.

James Griffin We won. Anyone who ever played with a leather, rain sodden Gilbert match ball will have some understanding of how difficult it is to hold onto any ball in such conditions. Personally I think the squad should head out on a good piss up, enjoy the sights and put rugby aside for a few days. And I hope to Christ they stay well away from reading what’s being posted on social media.

Michelle Tobin 31 players is way too small a squad for these conditions. Ringrose and CJ shouldn't be within a sniff of the Samoa game with a few others not too far behind. We've spent much of the last two games taking passes while standing still. Job done today, we got what we needed but it wasn't inspiring. Won't be the year we'll make it to the semis without a miracle.

Rob McGee It's that stadium. England USA was shite with about 900 knock ons, and players slipping every time they tried to change direction. Scotland Samoa was exactly the same. SA Canada is there on Tuesday next week, and no more games will be played there, thankfully. Players who were holding the ball perfectly, had it shot out of their hands at the slightest touch.

I'm probably gonna skip all the rubgy podcasts this week, because will all be "I know the conditions were bad, but...." followed by no one taking the conditions into account in their critisism because they played in a warm game once.

Andrew Potts All the worrying niggles about the team are still there. Munster Media Mafia so on brand for their guys. Irish pack are not as effective as they used to be. Murray looks very slow compared to McGrath. Sexton's health is vital to the team. Irelands basic handling skills look sub standard to other teams. Finally, for the best players in the country at times they seemed off in their tactical decision making. Might make a 1/4 final but on current form Ireland will go no further. 

Brian Monahan Job done.
This is tournament rugby.
Do what you need to do and move on.
Well done to all the team.
Not easy but now move on and get ready for Samoa.

Mark Kinlan What sums that performance up for me is Jamie Heaslip mentioning Gary Ringrose as one of the players of the match - didn’t hear his name mentioned till the last 10 mins - NZ or SA will devour us!! Remember this was a Russian side who themselves made 9 changes - we are not improving as we should be - the better teams will get better as the tournament progresses!

Peter O'Gorman The weaknesses of this team and this approach are the same and have been there every single time we have lost under Schmidt since the beginning of his tenure. Don't get me wrong; when it works, it works. When we win, when we can "execute the system" we look good and we beat teams, but when we can't, and it doesn't come off, we look awful. And we always have. Think back to Argentina. Or look at the last two England games, or the home game against NZ after Chicago. We need a lot for our game plan to come off and when it doesn't we collapse and have nowhere to go, no plan B. Think of all the Irish losses in the last few years and ask has there ever been one where we looked good and were just pipped by the better team in a close run fight? The majority of our losses have been total failures of body and intellect.

We need a lot for our plan to come off. We need the other team to buy into it, to engage with it. Our run-to-contact-off-a-ruck game only works if the other team tries to compete with us at that level. Even though this was apparent in 2015 it took a long time for teams to really cotton on to it. See England. They just said no thanks none of this, no men in the ruck and kick the ball and we didn't know what to do.

We need to win collisions. There's a practical and a mental element to the tackle. We need the space provided by winning the collisions, we also need to feel like we're winning the physical battle and executing the plan, and be energised by that. So either when we lose the collision, or when opposition defenses rush us, or when they opt out of a contact slog altogether, we lose our energy and our focus and start to come undone.

Anton Phelan I am a staunch Ireland supporter but this was a dire performance same old same old bush bash bosch

Benny Cassidy There’s a lot of people here saying that Ireland “don’t look like winning a World Cup”, “don’t look like making the semi finals”, “don’t look like beating NZ, SA, Eng, Wal, etc”... Back in February 2018 this same Ireland team didn’t look like winning a Grand Slam the day they needed a monster drop goal by Johnny Sexton to rescue the win in Paris- but not only did Ireland win that Grand Slam but they also had the Six Nations title won with a match to spare. This is a World Class team capable of the highest success & I would nearly guarantee that the other teams mentioned above won’t take Ireland lightly.

Craig Grehan A nice needed clean sheet bonus point win. But we made hard work of it. We aren't taking it at pace.

Marty Bull Have a bit of faith lads.. Joe has done so much for Irish rugby.. Personally I think the heat and conditions got to them against Japan..they should be used to the conditions from now on..

Terry Mitchell New Zealand v Canada 63-0
Ireland v Russia 35-0
I think we are at the moment 30 points adrift of the top teams ,don't see us passing the quarter final AGAIN , too much dependency on the forwards ,no flair or even enough use of the backs

Colm Cunningham Setting our standards based on what's in front of us. Fine when we play a big team not so much when we are expected to win.

Sean Michaels Always happy with a BP win. There were more negatives than positives unfortunately. Thought that the much vaunted virtual Munster scrum didn’t perform particularly well against a pack that was 40Kg lighter. Kleyne was virtually anonymous. Bundee Aki had a poor game without focusing too much on his handling errors. Thought Carty was ok when he came on, but he’s nowhere near Sextons level. McGrath looked sharp and did ok. It’s obvious this is a side completely shorn of confidence, so whether we can get back on track will be a testament to Schmidt and co, but whatever happens I’ll still be cheering them on. COYBIG

Iain O'Connor I cant believe I am about to say this but I'm fairly happy Joe only has 2 games left. Flat, lifeless, static, one dimensional and just shite. We have a plan a that everyone has figured out how to deal with and we have no plan b. That was the worst team we have ever faced and we couldn't do anything other than single up runners.

Michael Gavin Just look at all the negative comments. What a shower of moaners. Not to mention the comments from all the experts. If only the Irish team and coaching staff would listen to their wisdom.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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