Monday, September 23, 2019

Online comments after Ireland v Scotland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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James Griffin Ireland go the whole Hogg and win by a Furlong.

Daragh Mackey Our big test will come against south africa in the quarter finals, let's hope we're good enough to put it up to them, scotland were very poor today

Bernie Stewart Every player from starting 15 to replacements who came on were ruthless and played like a band of brothers 💚💚💚💚

Kevin Kelehan Joe will be made a freeman of County Cavan for teaching 23 men how to be perfectly stingy

Lee O Farrell That’ll do nicely

Incredible mark of depth to be down players of the caliber of Kearney, Henshaw, Carbery and Earls and still be able to draw on subs like Kilcoyne, Porter, Farrell and Conan.

Yellow on Beirne seemed a bit harsh but proved immaterial.

Onwards we go...

Colin Mehigan Controlled, assured and steady. And that was just me getting up early on a Sunday.

But we dominated and bossed Scotland, who to be honest are now barely a tier one team

Richard Mifsud Without being the slick oiled destructive machine of 2018, it was a hell of a way in that direction and I like the timing of the ‘charge’ (forget the peaking too early crap). Intensity and accuracy up from our two outings against Wales. Defence was very solid (no tries) and a great attacking platform. It looked and felt ‘comfortable’. People are saying Scotland didn’t turn up and they didn’t as they should have but a lot of that has to do with our D. They had no plan B and that was down to closing down their space, not kicking loosely to Hogg etc. Some very gratifying standout performances from players such as CJ and Conor who have been rather anonymous of late. Great to see Jordan Larmour playing very assuredly at FB, Jack Conan showing what he can do etc. The pack including subs was immense except I suppose for Tadhg B 🙄. Are we the best possible? Are we hell but my goodness what an advance from the ‘Twickenham Tonking’ #COYBIG

Damian Scott Clinical. Job done. Didn’t give Scotland a sniff. In Joe we trust!

Andrew Potts Pretty clinical from Ireland but expected more from Scotland. Typical of Schnmidt teams younger players coming through in a way that senior players are not missed. Everyone off the bench added to the performance. Also good to see Best, Sexton and Murray back to the form of a few years ago. Better start then hoped.

DeeDee O'Malley Fantastic performance, congratulations Ireland🇮🇪☘💚👍😘

Ted Phil Turner Well played by Ireland, created and took their chances.
Scotland, nothing went for them, never looked like getting in to the game after the first 10 or so minutes.
Still a great game to watch

Andrew Byrne That's what you call an upward performance curve. Each match since Twickenham we have improved and looked better and better. We seem to have timed this surge well.

Joe Sheppard Overall a well managed game. Some great standout players. A composed and measured performance that will lift the confidence of both the squad & fans. That said, Scotland were poor and never allowed into the game.

Imelda Reidy Outstanding from Ireland. A really well coached side. Absolutely killed Scotland. 80 minutes from Rory Best. Phenomenal.

Conor Cronin We shouldn't focus on how bad Scotland were, the lads can take comfort in having done their jobs well. Managed the game, shut the Scots out, lineout was mostly good and the bench were excellent. Huge positive performance from our lads. We've started well.

Gav Heg Scotland particularly poor. Ryan truly outstanding. Best is back!

Neil Keegan Marker put down. Remain calm! Scotland where strangled by Ireland! Lots of rest needed, but that result was beyond expectations!
Fantastic start! Gerrrrrup ireland!

Peter O'Gorman We looked good yes but Scotland were dire. I actually feel a bit bad for them. But the game was not at all of the standard of NZ SA yesterday and really that's what we need to be aiming for. Still cautious 🤞

Mark Barry So far so good. Best performance of 2019. Scotland were poor, true, but part of that was down to how well we started. Long way to go and the QF still looks like a massive obstacle, but more positives than negatives coming out of today and I’m equal parts happy and relieved about that.

San Sheridan I think with a bit of luck we could make at least semi, if not win we have an amazing team and coach, this probably our best chance to become World Champions. NZ will be the make or break game for us. #GoTeamIreland ☘️



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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019