Thursday, August 22, 2019

Victoria and Oceania Cup by Ciarán Duffy

The World Cup is a month away, but in addition to Warm-ups, there are two other competitions to keep an eye on.

2019 Victoria Cup

The Africa Gold Cup was cancelled earlier this year due to sponsorship loss.  However there is still some African rugby taking place this Summer. Named after Lake Victoria and Victoria Falls, the Victoria Cup began at the end of last June, and will continue this weekend.  The competition was previously played in 2010 and 2011 as a trinations tournament with Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Uganda, but was discontinued with Uganda and Zimbabwe withdrawing due to financial difficulties.  

Kenya went in as favourites (incidentally, the Kenya womens team reached their highest ever World Ranking of 25th despite losing 39 – 0 to South Africa in the Rugby Africa Womens Cup).  Uganda and Zimbabwe would be expected to challenge while Zambia


Saturday June 22nd 
Kenya 13 – 16 Uganda 

Saturday July 13th 
Uganda 5 – 16 Kenya 
Zimbabwe 39 – 10 Zambia 

Saturday July 27th 
Uganda 26 – 31 Zimbabwe 
Zambia 23 – 45 Kenya 

Saturday August 3rd 
Zimbabwe 30 – 29 Kenya 

Saturday August 17th 
Uganda 38 – 22 Zambia 

PD +/-


Saturday August 24th 
Zimbabwe v Uganda 
Kenya v Zambia 

Saturday August 31st 
Zambia v Uganda 

Saturday September 14th 
Zambia v Zimbabwe 

Saturday September 21st 
Kenya v Zimbabwe 

Oceania Rugby Cup 

There’s a newly formed competition this year in Oceania.  The Oceania Rugby Cup is a new Round-Robin tournament set to be a yearly competition.  There are talks that Cook Islands, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu could take part next year.  Looking to further that it would be great if Tahiti could join too, they played in the Oceania play-off against Cook Islands to decide who would play Hong Kong for a place in the Repechage.  

This new tournament is a great way to get tier 3 countries playing regular rugby.  As I said on this week's Harpin On Rugby podcast, smaller nations need to play more games.  The one draw back to this tournament is that it’s so short, and there are 3 games for each team in 8 days.  I wrote an article about how the World Cup shouldn’t feature such short turnarounds. The same is the case here.  Hopefully next year the tournament can start earlier on in the Summer.  


Friday August 23rd 
Solomon Islands v Niue Island 
Papua New Guinea v Nauru 

Tuesday August 27th 
Solomon Islands v Nauru 
Papua New Guinea v Niue Island 

Saturday August 31st 
Niue Island v Nauru 
Papua New Guinea v Solomon Islands 

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019