Thursday, May 30, 2019

Why Is Rugby Such A Popular Sport

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With the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo and the Super Sevens having commenced, the internet is on fire when keyword searches for rugby. So much so in fact, we have to wonder, why is rugby such a popular sport? What makes fans go crazy for the hype surrounding a rather odd looking ball? Why is rugby featured all over sites like Looking into a rather good question, we debunk the strategies, the sport and most importantly the reason why rugby holds so much fame.

A Unique Sport in Its Own Right

Rugby, in itself, is a unique sport with a game plan unlike any other. The complex nature of trying to get the ball has intrigued millions for decades of years and being so unique has grasped the attention of fans around the world. For example, the lightest man weighing approximately 80kg plays in the same team as a heavyweight man weighing approximately 120kg. Usually sports will have its own division in weight, handicap or even age groups. Rugby, however, well this sport doesn’t discriminate.


Rugby is a relatively social sport with teams getting along just fine after the game. Unlike other sports which include boxing, MMA or karate, there is no real animosity toward other player of the opposing team. Even basketball has more on court drama than rugby does on the field, something that may come as a surprise to rugby fans.


Rugby is a respectful sport. Taking a knee and doing a little dance is something that is quite common for rugby players. In fact, before big games the respect is shown to religion, culture and their countries.

More Awareness

Because rugby is all over sportsbooks, betting sites, live TV and even in print media, there seems to be an underlining unity that brings in more awareness. The internet is a funny thing. People tend to act like sheep and where one goes the others follow. When internet users see loads of online activity, such as the Super Sevens, their curiosity gets the better of them and they will click on it. In more cases than one, fans have been made like this.

Women’s Division

As mentioned above, with the summer Olympics fast approaching in 2020, more attention has been focused on rugby and this hasn’t missed the sights of the women’s rugby teams around the world. This has become a popular attraction for rugby enthusiasts as women are beginning to dominate the industry that was once exclusive to men.

Overall it really depends on your sporting preferences. If you enjoy a one on one contact sport, something that involves high speed, massive attack and defence strategies then rugby is your go to sport. So far, according to statistics, fans who have watched rugby for the first time were immediately hooked on the body contact sport. So if you are looking to expand your sports selection, you may very well want to consider adding rugby to your list of sports events to watch.


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019