Sunday, April 07, 2019

Online comments after Leinster v Benetton

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Paul Smith Once again Nigel 'It's all about me' Owens manages to screw Leinster out of a win. Lowe blatantly blocked for the last try but Nigel has to be the talking point as always. I genuinely cannot stand him refereeing Leinster games. That said, congratulations to Benneton, they played well and were good value for a draw in honesty. Good run out for a youthful Leinster team who battled well and could have taken the win.

Richard Mifsud Had we been playing for something other than pride I might have been mightily upset by our performance. As it is I was quite pleased with our response in the second 40 given our team selection, the injuries immediately pre and during the match, and Benetton’s performance. I think the result was fair TBH. The last play was brilliant, our D was good, their attack was good and it was only when we lost a one on one that they scored. I don’t subscribe to the block on Lowe and to be fair the refs had mullered the Ferg clear out ‘penalty’ even though that was the correct moral decision in the end as that was never a pen but which did lead to Frawley’s try. All in all a great test for the young guns and they acquitted themselves well once they started playing cohesively. It’s a bit strange almost as if we’re watching two different Leinster sides playing at a different tempo and playing for different ends (Jekyll and Hyde). This series of four Pro 14 games is like a phoney war and it’s really weird 😳

Conor Cronin How that want blocking at the end I just don't know. With that said treviso really deserved to come away with something so I'm glad it's only a draw and not the win. Some great work by younger players for Leinster, a lot that can be learned by them from game like that that will take them up the required step

Noel Hewson Draw a fair result. Leinster started slow and improved in the 2nd half. A couple of big defensive stands which kept it close. They looked better when they decided to run rather than kick.

Sean Daniere-Doyle But he mixed up the penalties with McFadden contact on the head and the neck role, should have been a penalty to Benetton

Mark Kinlan (reply to Sean Daniere-Doyle) he was correct in his decision- McFadden incident was the first offence and therefore penalty to Treviso - reversed because of the neck roll on McFadden by Treviso player - he corrected himself after the review

Derek McGee Another less-than-stellar showing from Joe Tomane, another "referee the narrative, not the game" showing from Nigel Owens. Both are becoming very tiresome as the season goes on.

Sandra O'Brien Conor O'Shea having a big impact on Italian rugby. Last try definitely questionable, but to be honest, Treviso played a blinder.

Anton Phelan Fair result overall

Neil Keegan Ouch!

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019