Sunday, March 17, 2019

Online comments after Wales v Ireland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Neil Keegan That hurts. Decent last play. 

So now we know what fear does to us, we know who our leaders are (and aren’t) and we know that we are back to being underdogs. Playing up instead of looking down.

Wales saluted, can’t argue about a second of that game! 

Tele off, enjoy paddy’s weekend!

Richard Mifsud Outplayed, out muscled, outdone in the tactics and pretty pathetic on the day though frankly we’ve been very poor all Six Nations. So, well done Wales deservedly Grand Slam winners πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». For us we’re probably staring at a ‘back to the drawing board’ period moving forward but as ever #COYBIG πŸ‰☘️

Damian Scott Definitely not at the level they should have been at, but all is not lost I feel. Dust down and move on.

Liam Kelly Found out tactically since last year, tactical success was covering over natural skill and talent last year and without either we look ordinary

Andres Jaque The boys have time to rebuild, Joe need to give a new dimension to the team, the game plan it's to predictable. Need to change player to shock their heads

Karen Miller The worse I think I have ever seen Ireland play. Made Wales look good, they are a fair but not great team. Winning is everything though.

Michael Hatton So Disappointed For Ireland but no Complaints Wales were Superb Well Done Wales. We will have to wait till the next time and hope we show up

Kevin Kelehan Poor execution on two days in this championship. These professional players must lift their game into the World Cup

Derek Tormey Two poor sides and a poor ref. Wales adequate, nothing more. Decision to leave roof open backfired and pretty much sums up our ambition. Still think we’ll get to WC semi but confidence needs a boost in HC

Ellen Bergin Vernon It was a shame that we lost but that's rugby. Our under 20 boys won the Grand Slam which was brilliant. Also so lovely to see all our Irish fans have stayed in the stadium supporting the Welsh win. 🏈🏈🏈☘☘

Warren Doyle Deserved Wales win. No complaints team to team. Serious complaints about inconsistent reffing. We didn't deserve to win but we did deserve honesty. Wales were consistantly offside yet Ireland were only ones penalised for very marginals. There should have been at least one Welsh yellow card.

Alan Eastwood Very embarrassing performance 
Thankfully Murray and Sexton have a few months to try and get form back. 
Lacked leadership today. Couldn’t name a player in green who played anyway well. 
A well roll on Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Niall Kerley Murray and Sexton not on point, Laurmor showed he deserves a start on merit. 
Wales played on the fringe of the laws and got away with it, they got the rub of quite a few calls, but Ireland were not in the game from the start. Alun-Wyn Jones is one hell of a prick to play against, but you'd wish he was on your team.
Well done Wales.

Conor Cronin First up, well done Wales.
Ireland were poor all over the park. I can't think of one player who really stood out. I'm glad the only score we created was with replacement half backs cos it would have flattered the starters if they'd contributed. A lot of players need to watch back all of these games and see why and how they've underperformed and start the work to making the necessary step up.

Eric Parfrey One of the worst performances I've witnessed in a long time, can't fault the effort but Jesus how do you expect to win a match by giving away that many penalties. Poor on all fronts, hands on hip 2 mins in, none of the leaders stood up, sexton had terrible performance 

A lot of the big names in the team did not show this championship, that cohesion we had last year has seemed to disappeared.

Not too sure if it's fatigue from the outstanding season we had last year but sure look still time to turn it around for the WC and the players have the ability to do so, we always do better as the underdogs #InJoeWeTrust

Andrew Byrne Ireland outplayed all over the park. Sad to say SOB would be 3rd choice if everyone was fit, even at Leinster. I don't see him making the RWC squad. 
Our best players are out of form so we shouldn't lose heart, nothing is unfixable.

Gav Heg Immensely disappointing. Our 'leaders' failed to show up. Jones gave best a lesson in how to captain a team and deal with a ref. I think gardiner was not the best but to the extent that wales knew how to use him. They were on Murray every time and he couldn't cope. Fair play to wales tho, better team won.

Gerald Williamson Ireland were bullied by England & now by Wales in this 6 Nations Championship. Have some players gone of the boil and have Ireland peaked to soon. Joe & Andy have the summer to go back to the drawing boards and come up with new game plans and have a closer look at some players to see are they right or ready for the RWC.

Greg Kelly Realistically the clock has run down. We've to go into the RWC with what we have and that's depth but no realistic competition. SOB has been great in the past but was nowhere todsy. Beirne showed he's not up to it at this level yet. The best example of the problem however is Murray. He's either not fully fit or just chronically out of form but in a true environment of competition he'd be in the bench. Sexton seems to have that pathetic petulance now that blighted the back end of O'Garas career. All over the field our big guns are turning in average performances but then turning out the next week. Sadly I feel there's no opportunity now to drop them. Either we recapture our form or it's QF and bust AGAIN

Iain O'Connor No complaints. Wales are very deserving grand slam champs. We weren't up for it today and they were. Worries about player fatigue more than anything. Some lads need time off (Murray, Sexton, O Mahoney, Best) and some places need to be shaken up a bit (Stander especially). No great panic though. There is a great team there as they have proven. Just need to find a spark again

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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