Sunday, February 10, 2019

Online comments after Scotland v Ireland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Kevin Kelehan Like watching paint dry as a spectacle but good step ups from Roux, Conan, Carberry and great impact game from Kilcoyne.

Steve Sandover Hard thought win .

Sean Michaels What is the point of “kick and chase” if we don’t chase? Murray was poor today. Thought Seanie was as good as Aki was bad. Usual targeting of Sexton paid off for the Scots

David Ryle Laidlaw slating the ref.

Clive Young Avg performance really, need to improve again , but a win is a win 😁

Eamon Phelan A win and an improvement, log if work to do 

James Griffin Well done to them! It wasn’t perfect throughout but the end result more than makes up for that! Hopefully it’ll settle them.

Darragh Crossan Great game for a neutral to watch 

Still too anynhandling errors and they came out of the blocks nervous 

Hopefully that'll settle them a bit, job done

Ben Emerson  Munster's Carbery massively at fault in the first half.  Leinster-trained Carbery did well in the second 

Martin Loughrey I'm relieved more so than happy after that. Better than last week but by no means a stellar performance. Still haven't gotten near our standard of 2018. Scots could've very well turned that around.

Ronan McManus That was a decent win against a good Scotland team.

We are still a bit messy in attack
Kearney had his usual confound-the-critics performance
Murray's delivery was too slow & his kicking was poor
SOB looked sharp again
The Sexton/Carbery argument is getting harder to call, both bring something different to the team

Special mention for Dillane's lineout steal at the end 💪💪💪

Job done

Noel Hewson Still not playing at their level but a good win in a tough spot

Richard Mifsud Better physically, better tactically but most importantly for me better mentally. Loads to work on but at least the top two inches are back functioning 🏉☘️

John O'Brien We'll rue not getting that BP

Martin Loughrey I'm relieved more so than happy after that. Better than last week but by no means a stellar performance. Still haven't gotten near our standard of 2018. Scots could've very well turned that around.

Gerald Williamson A win is a win and Ireland deserved it. Considering the number of changes that Joe had to make in the squad , I thought the scrums & lineouts worked well even a few Scottish lineouts won. A good come back for RK but needs to look for the offload. Great to see SOB back and doing a great amount of work. POM was immense and deserved MOTM. Unlucky to lose Johnny , but Joey came in a little shakey at first but made up for it with Earls try. We were unlucky not to get the bonus pt, but hey a win is a win and you don't sneeze at that when you are playing in opposition territory.

Dónal Foley We were very sloppy today, but the defence was good. Scotland had a ton of knock ons, but I do think that a number of them were due to Irish pressure

Iain O'Connor Both teams played poorly but a win is a win. Aki gave a way a heap of pens/mistakes under not a lot of pressure, Healy coughed up too much ball and Kearney proved you don't know how good he is till he isn't there. 
Carbery isn't our answer to cover 10. He threw a lot of hospital balls to men not set and then is fully to blame for the intercept try. He is a supremely talented player but he is not a 10. Exciting 15, or maybe even 13 but no matter how much the IRFU force it, he is not a good fit at 10. His break was fantastic, having picked up the loose ball from a fullback position. We need other players to get game time at 10 for when sexton inevitably goes down (every team targets him, it's just a fact of life now).

Kevin Ryan Pack gave us a much better platform today which got us the win but we still gave the ball away far too easily. The ball hit the deck far too much for my liking and our "contestables" weren't being contested. Guarantee that Wales will try to bring the she intensity as England and if we don't improve we ain't get the same chances we got today.

Conor Cronin We don't chase the kick enough, there's so much more to be gained if we would. But very glad of the win, and the week off for players to get over injuries and back in to the squad. Some much improved performances, some players still need to make that extra step up

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019