Monday, February 25, 2019

Online comments after Italy v Ireland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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James Griffin Poor line out throwing, poor kick restarts, poor passing, missed tackles, knock ons, penalties conceded ... glad of the win but the performance is worrying. Some may be playing their way out of this squad.

Monica Keeler Phew 😰

Sarah Ni Dhrisceoil Very, very poor performance from Ireland. You can't even say it was an improved Italian side, because it wasn't. Ireland were very disappointing.

Andrew Potts Ireland looked like a team, suffering from, injury, form and leadership issues.

Conor Cronin Even Joe doesn't want to comment on it! Ireland are lucky Italy's best tackler went off early. Horrific number of handling errors and 5 lost lineouts... Very lucky to get the win I think

Berty O Neill There’s nothing we can say that Joe won’t batter them about on Monday ! PS JS needs a kick up the hole and an anger management class!

Michelle Tobin If we can't rely on our set piece we have nothing. Line out was a disaster, so many turnovers lost, handling was not fun to watch. But job done, 5 points in the bag. Joe needs to start picking the in form players, not his favourite players, Cooney needs to get more time against France, preferably from the start. JVdF also needs to start, he lifted the game when he came on. 2 weeks is a long time, for once I'm glad we have that long to try to make the team work as one.

Gerald Williamson I think the keystone cops bus escort had an effect on the squad of players.

Seriously when you think about it , There were a lot of changes to the team over the course of the game. A number of players not on their game. The team lacked a cohesive gelling in their play.

Neil Keegan Positives: bp win. And in general the build up play wasnt as bad as the final pass led us to believe

But we could catch a cold if someone sneezed in our face

We are still Ireland. We just look a bit unfit right now. Sleep and a reset needed

Annie Marie Breen Crescimanno Motm wasTito Tibaldi!! Fecks saje obviously third choice with some exceptions but shoot pants game

Micheal Mac An TSagart Ringrose makes a huge difference. I like Farrell and Aki but they are both 12s, and nobody reads a game like Ringrose.
Leavy would be a huge addition.
O'Mahony had a super game. Murray and Sexton aren't setting the world alight at the minute.

Dónal Foley Positives: form can be turned around quickly, look at Wales this week Vs the first two. Negatives: the performance.

Ron Attwooll Need a new 9 and 10 for France. They are tired as soon as Cooney came on players were on the front foot. Passing also needs to be sorted out.

Lee O Farrell You have to say kudos to Conor O'Shea. I know it's still in the red but this'll probably end up being Italy's lowest score difference in years. Wouldn't be surprised if they beat France

Colin Mcconaghie Ongoing problem with the form of our 9 and 10 superstars, but they seem to be above being replaced. A scrappy win but a BP win none the less. Ultan Dillane very good, Earls has a good game too. Stockdale looks dangerous anytime we get him ball in hand, those were the positives on a day of a lot more negatives

Tim Dargan Italy were excellent....very good back row unit and some bug powerful backs....Ireland were poor but Italy helped make them look so.

Colin Mehigan Cooney and Ross Byrne to start against France for me. But Joe doesn't see fit to pick Ross in the squad, he knows Carbery is not ready to manage a game from the start, is welded to Murray so nothing will change for France. I need to use more full stops I know.

Brian Carmody Both Murray and Sexton need to be dropped. 3 very poor performances in a row. They are not undroppable

Jim Reynolds How was Dillane not MOTM?????
Thought he was sensational and easily our best player bar one missed pass.....

Iain O'Connor Awful all round. Its staggering to think this is the same squad that beat all comers last year. Starting to get the feeling that something is rotten in the camp. Nothing more than a feeling but things don't seem right

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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