Sunday, December 30, 2018

Online comments after Munster v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Michael Hatton Well Done Munster, U came out of the blocks and got into Leinster and tried to bully them unfortunately Leinster rose to the bait and lost the plot in the first half. Although Leinster wanted to win badly it wasn't to b but it's not the end of the world no cups won or lost just the bragging rights till the next time. Maybe we will meet again at the business end of the Season. Hopefully it will b just as entertaining without the Yellow and Red cards.

Conor O'Shea Well done Munster. Well deserved. Leinster will learn from this

Noel Hewson Disappointed with discipline in the first half cost them any chance at the win. Don’t blame the ref for that but did think he gave a couple of soft kickable penalties but what fan never says that post a rugby game. Would love to be a fly on the wall for the video review. Lessons to be learned for sure.

Justin Leonard What’s seldom is wonderful

Mick Keogh 1st half we we're fired up too much and on the wrong side of intense. Second half we sorted that out but had a mountain to climb. Frustrating for fans, players and management alike. Onwards and upwards though, no trophy was ever decided in December.

Andrew Potts Finally a team packed with mercenaries pick Leinster off in domestic competition

Chris Mc Firstly stop blaming the ref. Fardy’s stupid high tackle of a player without the ball and who was in touch cost us 7 points and Healy’s high tackle was a yellow. I don’t agree with the law regards the red card but it is the law so be it. Leinster let themselves down by getting involved in a game that dragged them to a level we simply just don’t do. Off the ball shite is not us. A piss poor lineout cost us 7 points and frawley’s shoveling of shit the same. We lost the game regardless of anything the ref did or didn’t do.

Aidan O Riordan Leinster and Johnny Sexton should be ashamed of themselves for the display of coward And disgusting play

Neil Keegan Lost the 4g for the second half but it wasn’t he red or the ref that cost Leinster. No cards are really debatebale, no penalties either unfortunately. 11 in the first half won’t beat anyone at the top table. The ref missed a few, but that’s the game. It has gone our way before too!

Bad day at the office. Ice baths and we move on

Russ Rafter Total lack of discipline by Leinster which is so out of character. Sexton needs to concentrate on his play rather than irritating the Ref. Thought the ref was ok ..... better than some others. Don't think Leo will be impressed. Back to the "old" Leinster for next week.

Eddie O'Brien The referee was calm, fair and very informative. I can’t see why anyone should have any complaints.

Des Darragh (reply to Eddie O'Brien) he was amateur at best, way out of his depth. Had his Munster shirt on, poor choice of ref for an important derby game.

Eamon Phelan 👍 good win Sexton let himself down , Leinster came out to blow Munster away, didn’t work, cynical play I’m sure Leo Cullen won’t be impressed, put it in the bag and move on, next challenge please

Graham Lowen Disappointing...... surprised Leinster let themselves be drawn into the messing

Joe Sheppard Congratulations Munster Rugby! Well deserved. Far better technically, you can see why they are unbeaten at Thomond. As for Leinster, a complete ill disciplined shower. JS10 should look at himself as an experienced player & leader!! Onwards & Upwards for both team and fans 😉😎😉

Cian Ormond I'm not sure which is more disappointing: Leinsters first half discipline or the number of people who are wrongly blaming the referee.

Conor Cronin I was in thomond tonight. I don't feel the ref has any control over the game from minute one. I may feel different watching it back, but that's how it looked from my seat. I'm not arguing the merits of cards or decisions, but commenting only that as a ref there seemed to be no control.
I feel Leinster could have won this with a different mentality, but they got sucked into a game that suited munster, and munster took advantage and won well.

John Hayes Poor discipline is right. Sexton more interested in glaring at referee than leading his team .....

Andrew Byrne Leinster let themselves down with discipline in the first half and then went on to outscore Munster in the second half despite having only 14 men. If they had kept their heads in the first half they would have come away with the win.

Joe Sweeny Lads stop slagging Leinster and look at yourselves
No creativity at all against 13 men , 2 kicks when you should have gone for the throat. A good team would have put us to the sword today.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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