Sunday, December 02, 2018

Online comments after Dragons v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Derek McGee Such a thoroughly satisfying performance from start to finish. Pretty much every player had nothing less than a very good game and for the bench to be emptied & Leinster to lose none of their momentum was great to see. Hardly seems fair to call out individuals in a performance like that but the likes of Dave Kearney, Conor O'Brien, Ross Byrne, Scott Fardy and (possibly most pleasing of all) Ross Moloney all had exceptional games. Also, seems only right to call out the ref for this game: Lloyd Linton was excellent. Consistent, communicative, authoritative and let the game flow with fairly measured advantages

Peter Murphy Blue Magic #proudtobeblue

Paul Smith F#&k we're good. 15 points clear of the 2md places team after 10 games is some achievement. Brilliant job by the youngsters to keep the ship on track while the big boys are out beating all around them on the international stage πŸ’™

Joe Sheppard There's our future...... It's young, raw, talented & exciting. Great warm feeling. There's such a squad feeling in all of them. Inspiring stuff. I hope the returnees next week will adapt quickly 😎😎😎

Sean Michaels Another very good showing. Some great individual performances by the youngsters. If you wanted to nick pit there were 2/3 scores left behind but that was almost irrelevant over the course of the game. The future has never looked brighter or bluer

Mike Reidy One way traffic, hard to judge against very poor opposition!

Gav Heg I'm delighted the Leinster cubs can go away and get full 5 points but I'm oddly not as happy as I should be. Tonight and last Fri were far from good games. Beating a team by 50 achieves nothing. Would it be an idea to turn the conferences into top and bottom with promotion relegation? Could make things more interesting?

Baz C. Ryan That young Scott Fardy lad will go far πŸ˜‰

John O Halloran If you are a fan or coach of another team you will be going " ahh shit " while scratching the head, admire the wealth of talent and depth available at the moment to Leinster.
As a Connacht fan I'd admire and envy; still beat them πŸ˜†πŸ˜†.
If they avoid the mid season slump and a few injuries; looking very very good.

John Peeters Shame neither of the Leinster centres today eligible to play v Bath. Would be a better proposition than Noel Reid.

Andrew Potts The whole squad look process driven, each player understands what they need to do and do it. they also realise on the pitch it's a full 80 mins. Bonus point by 30 mins is good

Steve Sandover Awesome performance can't wait to next week

Conor Cronin I'm very impressed by the stregth in depth Leinster have. 2 big results like that says to me that everyone understands what's expected of them... To go out and perform well, not ease up, to demonstrate a desire to be picked on form every week. That's a pretty positive atmosphere the coaching ticket are fostering

Michael Keating Max deegan is gonna be some player.

Neil Keegan Leinster Rugby mudderahjaysus! That blue tank just doesn’t stop does it????

Even the supporters need to sit back in amazement! Hefty work! On to he next one!

When you come at the kings....... best not miss!

Jamie Donohoe Incredible strength in depth & our academy in fine health.

Cormac Mannion "Culture" and "System" - two words that the whole Leinster set-up has oodles of.

Kathryn Ni Aodhagain 2 games vs Welsh clubs and we put 50+ points on both we are scarily good

Richard Mifsud Won't comment on the so-called old heads as they all did their jobs extremely well especially Scott Fardy and Ross Byrne (I predict people will forget about a certain Joey C when Ross develops just a bit further #justsaying ). Keenan looked solid at 15, the centre partnership was excellent in D and attack and the pack purred like a lion that is about to eviscerate you. My one regret we won't watch this team playing together again until the 6N, which is a shame as they're gelling well. I should add that this was no rubbish opposition either. I have concerns about the league's competitiveness though, mind you much in the same way as we've closed the gap with the ABs others should try to do the same in a club context. An idea for a write up Jeff? πŸ€”

Henry Sellars #awesome That is all......

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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