Sunday, November 25, 2018

Online comments after Leinster v Ospreys

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Richard Mifsud Wow just Wow. One sided from minute 10ish onwards. Great to see the young guns express themselves. Frawley showed me yet again why he’s a serious prospect for the future (or should I say now) Penny had a good run out as did O’Brien at 13 and Keenan covered well. The rest all had decent games. Great leadership by Fardy. A poor Ospreys side it must be said but you can only play what’s in front of you and we did. Great to have this depth for those occasions when the top boys are away on international duty. Also good to keep them honest. Some of the handling was sublime and the Byrne to Byrne TRY well...its was just sublime 😊 ... I (almost) forgot Caelan Doris who I also thought put in a very decent shift #COYBIB

Robert Cashell Great show for the young lads

Colin Campbell Seriously impressive. Frawley looks a great player and Fardy is a giant of a leader. Future is bright.

Paul Smith 10 players starting under 25, 3 debutants, a 3rd choice fly who kicked 8 from 8, not to mention the 7 tries is one hell of return from what was a pretty much an A side. The Leinster academy is alive and well. The 2 best sides in the Pro14 ? Leinster and Leinster A. 💙

Noel Hewson Lots to like. Frawley very good runs the game well and has a big boot.

Paul McSweeney Unbelievable depth of talent. I hope this keeps going forever.

Joe Sheppard A superb display and young Frawley is so calm and assured. Not that Ospreys were that bad, more just that Leinster didn't allow them into the game. The Leinster Academy / A / B / U12s / 3 Seniors had REAL belief in themselves. Great performance 😎😎😎

Laoise Nì Fearghail WOW!! Just WOW!...

Dónal Foley Young lads played very well. Thought we were a bit lucky with the ref a couple of times, which obviously helped, but we almost completely dominated them in every area, so the only thing that could have affected is the scoreline.

Elizabeth Hackett Great game Leinster. Just shows the talent we have in Ireland right now.

Gerald Williamson A refreshing and excellent display from the alternative Leinster team. The Leinster Academy conveyer is producing players at a rate of knots each season unbelievable fast. Ciaran Frawley is a future No 10 for Ireland on the evidence of this display.

Damian Scott The future is bright for Leinster (and probably Munster when they get some of the ex-Leinster academy) 🙊

Gav Heg Great game Leinster! frawley making us forget the lad that went south, Keenan solid at the back, Byrne bros a nice addition, fardy and Lowe unreal. But my god how bad were ospreys? No game plan bar throw everything at us for the first 5. Their try flattered them.

Garry Wynne Frawley has some great distance on those kicks could do 50m+

Conor Cronin I hear there's an apb out on ospreys...
But all joking aside, confident young players being lead by strong experienced ones was only going to lead to one result. In surprised it wasn't any closer and a little disappointed to have lead ked the try so late! But loving that the future is so strong.

Andrew Bailey Excellent performance from a very young team who took their opportunity well and showed great commitment. Really well led by Scott Fardy. On the flip side it is staggering to think that that Ospreys team are being paid , presumably decent salaries , to turn out such an inept performance

Conor Elliott Fantastic display. Was initially worried by their more experienced backs. Just superb. Was almost disappointed by the try against! As I'm sure they will be

Sandra Seery Bad of me I know but raging ospreys got the try

Cian Ó Muilleoir And I thought it was going to be a tight affair, down to the wire. Shows what I know. A swing and a miss from the ospreys in the first 10, and that was it. Not only does the future look bright, there's going to be a few players looking over their shoulders...

Paula Downes I was particularly impressed with Scott Fardy. He was a terrific leader on the field, constantly communicating with the other players.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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