Sunday, November 11, 2018

Online comments after Ireland v Argentina

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Karen Mooney That was hard.

Joe Murdock Tough game,should stand them in good stead for next week. Hopefully the injuries aren’t too serious

Neil Keegan Ireland played like a team well fed. Like rocky with the rolls Royce before drago.
A bollocking from joe tonight and a week of fear will do them good.

We did pick a 10 point win but those 10 points where as disappointing as my leaving very result!

Kevin Kelehan O'Brien broken arm, foooooooooook

Paul McSweeney Not a single set piece shown for a reason...

John Peeters Henderson and Stockdale poor, Marmion labored passing and Best’s obligatory lineout meltdown when in the kill zone. But a win is a win. Can see Toner and Ryan starting next week with Beirne on the bench. Leave will start as will Luke McGrath. Will be hard to leave Ali out. LOTS OF WORK BEFORE NEXT WEEK.

Paul Smith James Ryan is beyond brilliant. Leavy was superb when he came on but so sad for SOB. Might be time to think of packing it in. Hope not but only so much a body can take.

Gerald Williamson Poor first half by Ireland. Line out did not seem to work. Only improved in second half when Toner came on. Ireland were caught out a few times under the 'Garryowen'. Bundi Aki was the only one in the back line to expose the Argentinean defence.

Anton Phelan I love SOB but Leavy a much better 7

Rob Hall Sorry but SOB had had his day. Wonderful when fit and can stay fit. But just can't get the body to do it. Joe can't trust a squad place to him for Japan without 10 15 games under his belt

Sean Michaels Sexton surely cannot play as badly next week. Leavy was brilliant when he came on. Ryan as immense as ever. Think there will be a few changes for next week

Ronan McManus Bad day:
Johnny Sexton

Good day:
Bundee Aki
Dan Leavy

Bad day/Good day
James Ryan Lineout/Everything else

Ireland and All Blacks both got a kick up the arse today, without actually losing a game.
Could be a cracker next week!

Alan Eastwood Best could become a liability. Glad we had Argentina b4 all blacks

Noel Hewson Line out continues to cost points. For that reason I see Toner in next week. Concerned about who will line up at 12/13 versus AB. Henshaw and Ringrose the stronger pairing but chance is that one or both could be missing. Seanie has had nothing but bad luck.

Damien Doherty Just the game that was needed with NZ coming to town next week, thanks Argentina. Video room in camp on Monday morning will be long and hard viewing for some.

Aidan Masterson Conan, Leavy, VDF a much more dynamic back row. I dont care how many ball carries Stander does, if all your yardage is behind the gane line you are ineffective in the modern game. Ryans second row partner is Toner with impact from Beirne. McGrath adds quick ball. Ireland need to put a minimum quota of 3 offloads in a game. Did anyone complete a pass out of a tackle today? Lineouts ugh. Not usually an issue. We still have the grunt though and that makes you didficult to beat.

Chris Smith Did we make a single catch under a contestable kick? Was at the match and genuinely can't remember one

Declan McCabe Nz destroyed England’s line out in the second half today. If our line out doesn’t improve then we’ve no hope. Some of bests throws were shocking, seen better throwing in Leinster junior rugby. Any hope of scannell getting ahead of best??

James Griffin That was quite a rusty performance and a repeat won’t be anywhere near good enough next weekend. Happy with the win, if not the performance. I’d say the video review session will be tough for a number of them. Toner, for me, showed his value when he came on ... secure and fast line-out ball, opening up opportunities thereafter. Leavy is grantite and really feel for SO’B. How many warnings were given by the ref and not followed through? That too had an impact imo. I think we’ll see some changes in personnel and hopefully in accuracy.

Dónal Foley A serious lack of credit going to Argentina here. They attacked us in the lineout and in the air, to great success. This wasn't just a case of our back 3 not being able to catch a ball, or Best's being shit at throwing I to the lineout. They competed well at both. But we need to be able to deal with that if we want to reach a semi final. So areas for improvement well highlighted.

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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