Sunday, October 14, 2018

Online comments after Leinster v Wasps

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Savage result. Shaky for the 1st 30. Couple of tries in. Bench unleashed. Job done.

Martin Loughrey

Still look hungry which is brilliant!!

Will Finane

Wasps poor but impressive stuff.

Derek Tormey

Lowe’s second try was ridiculous, from Ryan’s line break to Sexton’s between the legs pass. Lowe is close to unstoppable at the moment

Conor Murphy

Can't believe we let them in for 3!!! Good win, but my God wasps were poor. They just gave it up. No ball retention, 3 restarts thrown away. Offside, not going 10, straight out. Absolute basics missing from wasps. Solid game plan for each half from Leinster too, Healy on in the first half for the ball handling and no kicking, McGrath in for the second half for the set pieces.

Mick Keogh

Watch out Europe. If you want it back you are going to come and try to take it off us. And that's going yo be very, very hard. Leinster were simply awesome. Allez Les Bleus !!!

Paul Smith

Laid down a marker tonight

Kathryn Keegan

There's a tipping point with Leinster..... sometimes it takes time to connect but wow, when it does, it's another dimension!!! The team (every component part, players, coaches, backroom & support), the spirit, the belief, the understanding & the technical abilities are as one. "Nothing, Not All The Armies In The World Can Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come" #LEINSTERRUGBY 😎😎😎

Joe Sheppard

Europe get ready. We’re coming. I understood Wasps have few injuries but this was some performance in the second half. Lowe needs to stay in starting lineup. Amazing stuff.

Sebastian Brennan

Patient, sublime, devastating.

Jamie Bond

The fact that they kept pushing for scores right to the end was fantastic. Ambition matched with the skills to achieve it!

Paul O'Brien

Defensive line is unreal! To not concede a single line break is unheard of! Scrum needs a bit of work and line-out is a bit shakey. It’s scary to think we still have a couple of gears we could go through.

Michael Waldron-Healy

Leinster really took the Sting out of the Wasps. Brilliant open rugby especially in the second half. The linking of forwards & backs in open play was a joy to watch. A fantastic all round squad effort in the 52 - 3 win.

Gerald Williamson

Even the ref couldn’t live with Leinster tonight

Wayne O'Brien

The blue army moves relentlessly upfield, the cavaliers are set free to reek havoc on the enemy, all of this controlled by the imperious General Sexton who seems not only to lead by example but seems to communicate almost telepathically with his soldiers

Sean Michaels

Magnificent massacre

Brendan Grehan

Lowest score for Wasps in the premiership this year: 21.
Score tonight: 3
Leinster's defence: a brick wall.

Dónal Foley

Great performance but I hate a match where we crush a team like that where at the end you go were we that good or were that poor

Barry Groves

Well done Leinster, what a result!! Team, to a man stood up tonight. Lowe was on fire, Tadhg was on the rampage and Jonny, wow Jonny what a pass!! 😂 Super start to the drive for ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! 💙

Olwen Barrett

Hard one to analyze - Wasps were fucking awful - Leinster A would’ve beaten them tonight!!

Mark Kinlan

Great Leinster performance, two moments stand out. At 40 mins the score was 7/3 at half time it was 14/3. Second was Leinster were leading by about 30 points and on their line, they fought like dogs to defend it. Leinster have not always being like that, finally you got love James Lowe

Andrew Potts

Speechless! What a performance. Leo the Lion was great tonight!
Well done boys. Great advertisement for the game.

Robert Cashell

Payback for 2015/2016

Craig Kelly

I think that game shows the gulf in class between the top teams in the Heineken cup and those in the level just below. Felt sorry for the travelling support.

Colm Cunningham

James Lowe to the tune of Leo. love it.!

Aidan Donnelly

That 2nd half was epic, Furlong making magic, Sexton pass, Lowes on another level, Porter lifting a no 7 out of a ruck, fans were brilliant also.

Jeremy Kemp

As near a perfect performance as you’ll ever see.

Richard Collumb

Got chatting and drinking with some wasps fans tonight. They were in awe of Leinster. And I wasn't one to disagree. Punishing wasps mistakes, passion to keep going and keep scoring even with the game over, refusing to give up the line, Ringrose's tackling, and that no look pass to Henshaw, Lowe in general! Rhys coming on with little notice and fitting seamlessly, Johnny looking happy coming off... This game was the whole package for a Leinster fan.

Conor Cronin

Great watch. Virtually flawless. I don’t ever recall seeing a Leinster performance like that where it was such a high intensity from minute 1 to minute 80. Incredible.

Damian Scott

Perfection, from the defence through the sublim attacking, team effort and individual brilliance very happy Leinster fan hopefully injuries won't dull this machine over the season because that looks like a juggernaut starting to rumble

Stuart Young

I actually thought the Wasps defence for the first 50-60 was quite good. We still went 28-3 up, but half of those points came during the sin bin period. Credit to Wasps, they really did their homework on Leinster and made life tough for us there. After Lowes second Wasps mounted their only attack in our 22 and when that went nowhere their heads finally dropped. Hard to blame them for that given their absentees etc. But it would be unfair not to recognise the effort they put in for 60 mins.

That we still clocked up the TBP despite the above though shows where we are at. And the fact that we never let up shows how far we’ve come. Even under Joe we had a tendency to switch off a bit in games that were won and not keep the foot on the throat. There was none of that yesterday. But at half time when we were 14-3 up we brought on a Lion in Jack McGrath. At 28-3 up we brought on another in Sean O’Brien. At 35-3 up we brought in a RWC finalist in Scott Fardy. That’s just ridiculous when you think about it.

John Molloy

There was a lull in the first half where they got bored almost. But when the championship minutes hit they just destroy people.

The wasps supporters club where behind me crying.

When you come at the kings......

Neil Keegan

A game of 38 minutes and 41 minutes! First 38 minutes Wasps' D held pretty firm but frankly we weren't further ahead because of our own inaccurate handling near their line. Our line out suffered again and were it not for James Ryan and his acrobatics which secured or disrupted theirs we would have suffered a wee bit more [though not much more]. In the 39th minute a combination of the yellow card and the Leinster winning mentality switching on took us to a 14-3 and shortly after 21-3 lead in what has now become our customary double whammy either side of HT. Cue the second 40 and clearly accuracy had featured prominently in the half time team talk [as the chances were being created]. This second 40 laid bare a combination of our attacking prowess and Wasps' defensive frailties, which by the end were frankly embarrassing if you support the yellow and black. Two absolutely amazing tries by (a) JLo in the corner after the most amazing passage of play including an O'Driscollesque between the legs pass by Johnny and (b) that sublime offload by Tadhg 😱. For me though, my favourite try, though not the flashiest has to be Robbie Henshaw's. The poor lad plays his socks off every game with scant reward for his efforts so it was very pleasing. All in all and putting it into context a fine professional performance from a thoroughly professional outfit who have a winning mentality and the ability to adapt 'in game' to any eventuality or tactical trick. JLo MOTM good call but there were others with JS, James Ryan, Rhys Ruddock...well I could carry on. Sterner tests await so #COYBIB 🏉☘️

Richard Mifsud

Wore Wasps down in 1st half. Leinster boys so fit. James Lowe incredible as were so many - Luke, Johnny, James R- actually to a man - all amazing ❤️ Spectacular plays in 2nd half. (Running out of adjectives 🤣 )
What a start. 💙💙💙💙💙

Adrienne Harding

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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