Sunday, September 09, 2018

Online comments after Scarlets v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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League deserves better than that standard of officiating

Greg Kelly

Leinster not exactly at the top of their game but yeah the ref was pretty awful. Clueless at times, definitely not assertive enough and was duped more than once by Scarlets - Ken Owens repeatedly holding players in the ruck to win penalties for example.

Keith Geraghty

Poor decision making at crucial times. Got pulled into a rushed and loose style by scarlets. Few fringe players doing themselves more harm than good. Lots to work on.

Seán MacDonnchadha

Constantly infringing at the break down and constantly coming from the side oh my god please say the ref is Welsh

Kenneth Young

Was that not second man into the ruck at the end which means penalty? Not the only decision that was shocking. Leinster not great but not sure did we deserve to lose that game.

Tom O'Donaghue

A lot to unpack here:

Dreadful officiating at times with Scarlets getting an inordinate share of the 50:50 calls. Also "if it's not a try, he's going to the bin". WTF? If it's a try, bin him anyway, he committed a cardable offence! Also, should have been a penalty try: it wasn't a knock on, Gareth Davies played the ball on the ground.

Officiating aside, a mixed bag for Leinster. Some rust, some lack of concentration, some straight up poor individual performances. But also some real steel at times, the marching maul for one, the late counter ruck too. Also some very good defence at times too. Tries well taken, set pieces generally good plus some late glimpses of what Joe Tomane offers: it ain't pretty but it's different, it's direct and it's powerful.

In conclusion, one of our toughest games of the season out of the way, didn't disgrace ourselves at all & to come home with 6 points from two away games at the very start of the season is a fine return

Derek McGee

Early season wobbles - couple of kicks go over & we would have walked away with the win. Always disappointed to lose - but when we were on the move we looked unstoppable

Johnny Grimes

Need to rewatch. Improvement on last week, but fo the last 30 we where quite slow off the line. Scarlets got the food calls from the ref, but we made too many mistakes.

Scarlets has quicker line speed than Krystle during the good times..... Leinster where slower than me during maths paper 2 😉

Neil Keegan

Early season wake up call. You have to make your own luck. Refs have to learn too. Opportunities lost early on, mistakes punished later. Move on. Better to come.😉

Warren Doyle

Leinster poor at ten and made poor decisions at crucial times . We got bullied and dominated by the scarlets at the breakdown in the second half . No complaints scarlets deserved the win we were well off the mark tonight .

Cormac Powell

The ref was shocking, Owens didn't get a try..Ross Byrne had a poor game.. it's only the second game in.. going to see them next week.. half them players will be rested for the wasps and Munster games. But it's gonna be a good season again this year hopefully.

Robbie Ross

Mike Adamsom to Andrew Porter.

Mike: Stay, don’t move, stay!
Mike: Penalty, you need to make an attempt to roll away.

Niall Purcell

Went asleep for the 3rd quarter and lost the game because of that period.
6 points from the first two away games and we have Dragons at home next week.
We also will have all the internationals continuing to return.
We'll get better...

Cormac Mannion

If I had to pick a game against the Scarlets to lose this would be the one. A good advert for the Pro14 aside from some odd decisions from the referee.
Plenty of room for improvement for Leinster but 6 points from 2 away games this early in the season isn't a bad haul.

Andrew Byrne

Always a tough place to go and it was a close game on the scoreboard too. Ref was poor at times which didn’t help. For only the second game of the season, the performance wasn’t bad. A few more games and the sharpness will be back. Wouldn’t be hitting the panic buttons just yet.

Damian Scott

Close game. A pity to lose but we'll just have to make sure we win at home against Scarlets. I Just can't figure out if Nagle is any good.

Garry Wynne

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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