Sunday, June 17, 2018

Online comments after the second test #AUSvIRL

A selection of the “keyboard warrior”* reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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World Rugby baffles me. So inconsistent with calls.

Sean Oheili

Big upturn in our performance levels . Shocking inconsistencies by the ref. You’ve got to beat 24 men to win down south

Wayne O'Brien

Once again we are mind boggled by the inconsistency of referees. You just don't know what decision is going to be made next. Persistent penalties by the Wallabies on their line goes unpunished. Deliberate knock on by Foley is a penalty. Deliberate knock on by McGrath is a yellow card. Someone needs to sort this shit out. That being said. A superb Irish performance. Furlong is an absolute beast. O Mahony led from the front and was absolutely outstanding. We absolutely deserved that win. We were by far the better side. On to Sydney we go. COYBIG 💚🏉

Imelda Reidy

As bad and inconsistent a refereeing performance as I have seen! Excellent dominant performance by Ireland! How no Aussie got sent to the bin in the 2nd half was beyond belief!

Richard Salter-Townshend

Leaving aside the referee who was clearly having an episode

Great performance from Ireland much better intensity and concentration, Australia woke up late into the second half and they switched off a bit, hoping for more of the same next test

Darragh Crossan

Should have been easier improved from last week and after giving up the 7 pointer early very good response

Noel Hewson

What a game and what a ref 😮

Eamon Phelan

Great win boys congratulations roll on next week 🍀

Anne Byrne Spollen

MOTM was hard to judge. It could have being Furlong, Sexton or POM. Thought Toner had one of his best games in the Green jersey. Ref was inconsistent with pen & card calls.

Gerald Williamson

Ref was appalling..... how many times did he say to Australian skipper Hooper, " Michael.... could you ask your guys to play er you know proper and er nice and er legal" 😂🤔😂..... Ireland need to up our exploitation. We had LOTS of chances but squandered a fair bit. Still a hard fought win. Very intense play. Great D at the end and all set up for a STRONG winning next week. Tadhg Beirne to start with Ryan and Herring at Hooker. POM was excellent 😎

Joe Sheppard

Again the ref was a bit off. Lots of cards on that pitch.
Ireland deserved it which was important. Australia are no joke

Who's coming to Sydney?

Neil Keegan

Great performance from the whole team. I think ringrose lead the defence superbly and Ryan and toner were immense as always. Have to hand it to o Mahony he was fantastic leading from the start.

Colm Cunningham

Great match lovely night good performance.

Tony Mcdevitt

If it wasn’t for the referee we would have been miles away from them.

World Rugby needs to do something about some of the terrible refereeing performances we are seeing week in week out.

Well done Ireland great performance

Jamie Bond

Is World Rugby using these June tests to give newer referees a chance to be involved in a big game and get experience? All I can say is that I hope it works and in a few years we get a few good refs out of it because at the moment they are not good enough. Thank goodness there's nothing other than bragging rights on the table.

Andrew Byrne

Losing possession on our own line out five yards from their line with ten mins approx to go was criminal negligence. What should have led to the coup de grace let them right back into the game and nearly cost us the match and the series. Must improve!

Riocard Ó Tiarnaigh

Superbly gutsy Irish performance to outplay a very talented and dangerous Aussie side. The ref had consistency issues, but as with last week I think the better team on the day won. Special mentions to POM, Sexton, Toner and Furlong.
Now, anyone know where I can hire a defibrillator for next weekend?

Cian Ó Muilleoir

To say the referee was inconsistent would be a major understatement.

Discipline an issue but nothing that can't be fixed. O'Mahony was sublime as was J10 bar one missed kick. Can't believe that was Furlong's first international try.

Think we can't risk changes for next week unless our hand is forced, there will be time for experimentation in the autumn series.

Michelle Tobin

Great win Toner really ads ballast to a pack. Side note is when are Refs going to start reffing SH sides Oz had three deliberate knock ons, no yellow card. One high tackle although both players low still needed a penalty. Refusal to look at a ball grounding in goal. One clear tackle lifting a player over waist high, and force applied driving him to ground , clear red , only yellow given. Plus several instances of killing the ball one leading to a OZ relieving scrum. When you consider the two controversial calls in the last two NZ games this is becoming an issue for World Refs governing body Meanwhile Ire got two in the bin for had to look at that six times calls

Andrew Potts

Tremendous stuff from the lads. We deserved to win by an even bigger margin..🇮🇪

Jamie Donohoe

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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