Sunday, June 10, 2018

Online comments after the first test #AUSvIRL

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Lacked ideas when inside the 22

Peter Keogh

Australia cute hoors at the breakdown. Ireland can still turn it around.

John Peeters

Appalling refereeing but Australia deserved the win

Conor Murphy

Aussies were simply better than us. Weird decisions from Ref didn't help.

Russ Rafter

As expected given the team chosen

Jamie Bond

Bad start but now we know what we are up against.

Elizabeth Hackett

Australia were better but some of the calls were baffling to say the least. I love the last call for a supposed knock on. I can't show it to anyone but I can see it - TMO.

Paul Smith

Dislike imaginary technology that only tmo can see

Catriona Blake

OZ deserve the win but Ref deserves his P45. Shocking. Should have been a 2 point loss.

Martin Loughrey

Badly missed Leavy and Ringrose.

Colm Cunningham

Aussies were better, Ireland lost the aerial game and the Aussie scrum was good. Team looked tired I’d mix it up again for next week and see how it goes.

Noel Hewson

Beaten by the better team

Philip C Dunleavy

Pocock is an animal and we were barely average. Slow and laboured from the halfbacks all day and very poor out wide. This will either be the day Stockdale got found out or the day he copped on and worked on his all round game. He was appalling today. The loss wasn't his fault by any stretch but it could be a pivotal one in terms of his career

Iain O'Connor

Referee was poor in my opinion, he was frustrating the Irish players when the hands were in the ruck. Not helpful.

Gerald Williamson

Enjoyable game. John Ryan showed up well.
James Ryan just gets better.
Henshaw rusty.
Good exposure for Carbery.
We’ll win next two with a bit to spare.

Damian Sheridan

Australia better on the day - starting front row a little weak.

Bob Allely

Little niggly mistakes all over cost us.
Refereeing was pretty inconsistent, but it cost the Aussies too, so pretty immaterial on the result. Positives though: Can't blame the new boys, that was the team itself not quite clicking. And we can play better than that.

Dónal Foley

Great game and congratulations to the Wallabies. Hard fought and they took their chances. Strong Aussie pack and line speed. Given the team we put out I can live with this. We had chances and didn't take them. Onwards and upwards to the 2nd Test ☺

Joe Sheppard

Folks we need all of this in advance of the World Cup - we’re going to come up against all sorts!!!!!! Let’s use it and learn!!!!!!!!

Rosemary O'Brien

Very disappointed again with Schmidt we are set up to only score trys from set piece play and not from open play which is disappointing when we have such great backs. Well Done Australia better side all day

Odran John OBrien

Aus were very good at mixing it up and looked dangerous every time they got space. Ireland were not at their best, still plugged away and had of got that CJ try might have changed it. TMO was good except that last decision and unfortunately the ref had a bearing on the result, shouldn’t be talking about the ref but can’t avoid it

Stephen Kenna

Better side won. Aus just about deserved it. Strange call from the TMO at the end. There seems to be no attention on the crooked lineout. Aus didn't throw one straight all night as they were under too much pressure. Ireland lucky to have Folau's try called back. Nothing wrong with the tackle.

Marconi Giampaolo

Surprised we lost the aerial battle and the scrum. Big learning curve needed for some. But that's the idea. Here's to more accuracy and less mistakes next week

Conor Elliott

Aussies looked dangerous every time they went wide, beat us in the air all day and outplayed us at the breakdown. Few guys need to step it up in the next test. Aussies wanted to more and put so much more into the physical aspects of the game

Marty Lustiano

Good reality check for the younger generation who only have been brought into this winning Ireland team. It will be a good lesson learned for the World Cup.

Ciarán Duffy

This is fast, hard, creative game-play and Australia have always thrived in that context. To be world champions, Ireland need to either get better at matching and beating that style of play, or shutting it down and imposing a different tempo on the game. The Irish skill levels are way up on two years ago and this series is perfect for pushing them up another level. Australia were sloppy at times but good at critical moments, while Ireland were sluggish and disorganised and never got above that. Even so, it was there to be won until Sexton missed that penalty kick to touch, giving Australia a chance to cut up the park. They took it too and fair play to them.

Gavin Macarthur

Very narrow in defence. Not the first time. Australia took their chances and defended exceptionally well. Only the first test- long way to go.

Mark Hunter

Anyone have camera 7 yet?

Rupert Christie

Sexton for Carbery

Kathryn Keegan

Aussie team were ruthless in attack and defence. Easily up there at the big boys table. Didn't let Ireland dictate their game plan

Craig Grehan

Looked a wee bit tired, on the day Australia deserved their win.

Pádraig Turley

We looked tired and let ourselves down in certain areas. Herring was woeful, roux is not an international. Henshaw? Didn't show at all. Only shining light was Ryan being unreal again.

Gav Heg

Chieka had his homework done on Ireland and having being with leinster a while back knew exactly what targets to watch etc. Because alot of that team are only after winning the champions cup and pro 14 they got very little time to recover before these big tests. Hopefully next week they will put up a better test. Just unlucky that some of their passages of play couldn't have being converted in tries. Were unlucky a few times like Cj standers run etc

Jacinta Greaney

Stander should of passed ball
Carbury missed a bad kick
Sexton a bad touch line
Henshaw and Kearney a couple of mistakes in defense.
Can still win 2 -1 imo

Alan Eastwood

Overall Australia deserved it. They looked a lot more dangerous with ball in hand in when attacking. They didn’t have a lot of chances as Ireland had most of the ball, but they took them well. Ireland has nothing in attack. Very flat, no spark and anything half decent came from a set piece. Good outing to give some younger players that tough away test experience. Hopefully they learn a lot from it. Tiredness definitely creeping in towards the last 15 mins. A good rest week and I think they’ll come out all guns blazing in the second test.

Damian Scott

They were a little bit more physical and also created a few more opportunities. They were unbelievably good in the air. From catching to the length of the kick, they really gave us a master class in that department. Their transition from turn over to attack was pretty good too.

Andrew Potts

As usually we always start off rusty. We should really do a warm up game before every international series against tier 2 teams like Georgina etc

John O'Brien

Pocock was a pain in the hole all afternoon! What a player! We weren’t as clinical as normal but that’s to be expected with the experiments being tested out. Difference between Joey & Sexton is pretty evident - he needs more tests like today. Good learning for the team as a whole - but disappointed they couldn’t turn it around. Ref was awful for both teams

Johnny Grimes

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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