Sunday, June 17, 2018

A newcomer’s guide to betting on rugby league

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You can now bet on practically any sport being played in the world, with more being made accessible as the demand grows. Even though football and horse racing are the two most popular options, betting on sports like the rugby league is a welcome alternative. Markets available for betting on rugby league don’t always come in high numbers but the ones we’re able to bet on pretty much cover all bases.

When you’re more accustomed to having a bet on the rugby league action, finding a strong tip to back is another thing you need to work on. There aren’t too many places that provide recommended bets and predictions over rugby league but TeamFA specialise in rugby league tips, with their own thoughts on the biggest fixtures and all major competitions.

Betting markets for rugby league include:

Handicaps and Winning Margin

Predicting by how many points one side will win a game is the easiest market to find in rugby league betting. This is due to the massive scorelines we regularly see in the sport, and it plays such a big part of rugby league gambling that it usually features ahead of the typical ‘Match Result’ market. 

There are always plenty of different options if you’re looking to bet on the Handicap or Winning Margin in a given rugby league game. They appear first on individual match betting pages ahead of all other possible bets, with most bookmaker sites adding Handicap markets to their sites as soon as the fixture is announced.

Statistics Betting

After the regular appearance of Handicap and Winning Margin markets, there will tend to be a selection of Statistics-based bets to get behind. Betting on statistics has become something a lot of punters do throughout bookie sites, with football being a place where it’s capitalised with selections on players to make a certain amount of tackles, saves, shots on target, and any other occurrence that could happen in regular time.

The rugby league equivalent of this includes the amount of tries or tackles by a specific player, or even things like whether there’ll be an odd or even number of total match points. There aren’t quite as many outcomes to predict in rugby league as there are in more established betting sports like football, but the bookmakers clearly look to provide every possible bet that fans of the sport would be tempted to bet on.

Outright Markets

As there isn’t an extensive list of markets to get behind when it comes to rugby league, outright markets are made even easier to find. You’ll always be able to back the winner from each major competition and the same can usually be said for predicting who’ll scoop individual awards like the player of the tournament.



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