Monday, April 16, 2018

Online comments after Leinster v Benetton

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Editor's note - the post-match Facebook thread was even more excellent than usual this week so we're including a greater proportion of selected comments than usual

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Bugger. 😳

Cian Ormond

A disgrace. Treviso deserved their win but quite a few players out there should be ashamed of how they played. Too many players with an eye on next week and the rest looked like they could just roll up and muck around and win

Cormac Mannion

Well deserved win Benetton Treviso!!!!! Outplayed! Out performed! Out organised! Out passioned! Out witted & Out wanted a SHOCKING Leinster team of total individuals. Hang your heads lads. No excuses for that performance at all!! Roll on next week 😎

Joe Sheppard

Awful. Treviso deserved the win but a lot of Leinster players were made look mediocre at best.

Keith Geraghty

Shocking from Leinster. Not to take away from Benetton, they fought hard and searched that ball at every opportunity. They had a savage intensity that we lacked entirely. I'm actually almost pleased with a losing bonus. If they hadn't kicked out at the end, they would have probably had a BP win.

Martin Loughrey

Treviso totally deserved that win. We were rubbish. No plays, no penetration, terrible decision making by the captain who thought he had to go for the corner every time when easy three pointers were the order of the day. Take nothing away from Treviso they thoroughly deserved that. We disrespected them and they taught us a lesson at the breakdown. Lucky to get a point from that. I suppose they have to live with being the side who lost at home for the first time in yonks. Very frustrating from a fan’s perspective because had they played as they are capable of doing we would have won that. #COYBIB but get your bloody act in order, yours in serious frustration Me

Richard Mifsud

We got one thing we didn't deserve, a losing BP. Without doubt that was the worst Leinster performance I witnessed in years. Carbery was awful today but that could apply to practically every one of them. Embarrassing but congratulations to Treviso, the better team won tonight.

Paul Smith

Bennetton were the far better side, wanted it more and completely outplayed Leinster in that second half. We struggled to get out of half.

Brian O'Farrell

Think that was a game that Leinster thought they would win easily but didn't have the desire. Happens the odd time. Hopefully will be out of the system now.

Colm Cunningham

Leinster treating it as a training game. If you don't respect your opposition and competion you'll get your dick put in the dirt. Simple out.

Sean Oheili

Shocking performance kicked to much ball away well done Treviso did not want to go to Connacht needing to get a point

Ken Wright


I don't think we Will, we are on 70, 5 ahead of Scarlets, have won one more game and a points difference of about 150. The losing BP tonight is enough did the home semi.

Paul Smith

Best team on the night won.

Andrew Byrne

Like a Lions midweek side - next weekend’s team has already been picked so nobody is interested in sticking their hand up.

Marc Hickey

Can we admit Carbery isn't as good as Ross Byrne ?
All the time at Ireland Carberry never starts because of sexton. Then when he's at Leinster he suffers a realistic third choice option at 10. . .
But the team lacked direction and leadership for vast parts

Craig Grehan

Watching from the South Stand tonight there were 2 big positives to take away. 1) it didn’t rain. 2). Seeing Robbie Henshaw taking part in the warm up. Otherwise nothing

Andrew Bailey

Better team won. Carbery is all fart and no shite. Dire

Baz C. Ryan

Terrible tackling, appalling ball handling. Benetton deserved the win, Leinster were terrible

Willy Brennan

The wanna be Streaker was more entertaining ...... absolute crap this evening from Leinster

Laoise Nì Fearghail

Gibson-Park can’t pass. Carbery looked lost. The tackling was horrible. Someone needs to tell larmour he can’t beat defences single handedly. Real lack of leadership. In a tight game why weren’t we taking the 3 points on offer? All we needed was a win

Lenny The-Lion

Treviso came into this knowing ulster cab be caught, a win tonight with ulster to play Glasgow and munster put them in the driving seat for guaranteed champions Cup. They came to this game looking to guarantee their next season while a large number of the Leinster lads came with nothing. A game that could've been won if there had been any desire or passion from Leinster was won with those same qualities by Treviso, who deserved the win.

Conor Cronin

Why did so many "fans" leave with 10 to go in a 2 point game?

James McCarthy

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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