Sunday, April 29, 2018

Online comments after Connacht v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Really??? Probably best not! I wouldn’t want to cause offense by using extremely bad language!!!

Aoibhin Kenny

[in reply to Facebook post : 'Feel free to leave your thoughts on Connacht v Leinster here...']

That was just plain awful from those fellas in blue (not sure it was really Leinster). I'm struggling to think of another time we conceded 7 tries. I said in Friday we needed to be better mentally prepared ahead this game and it's very clear we weren't. Rattled early and never recovered.
Fair play to connacht for exploiting weaknesses very well and for a well deserved win and in particular to Muldoon

Conor Cronin

Poor from Leinster. Not the quality or tenacity we have come to expect. The players today will feel it the worst. But a huge well done to Muldoon today, a literal giant of the game in Ireland got a good send off!

Mick Keogh

It was awful. It was a shambles. Best thing that could have happened in the build up to Bilbao. Any complacency will be gone now.

Gary Gleeson

A team that was up for it hammered a team that wasn't. Disappointed that we didn't at least put up a fight, even with nothing to play for.

Dónal Foley

That was without a doubt one of the worst Leinster teams I have ever seen, I wouldn't even justify it by calling it a performance. No one even bothered to try, regardless of how big of a day it was for Mr. Muldoon, they should have at least made a game of it. Most of those boys shouldn't be allowed to play wear a Leinster jersey ever again.

Eiméid O Fathartaigh

The highest compliment we could have paid to Muldoon would have been to come out and make a game of it. That performance paid no respect to him or the interprovincial games. If we had been playing Munster in Thomond that team would have been very different.

David Lawlor

With the depth we have I’m just wondering how many of these bunch of lads want game time, didn’t look like they were looking to impress at all☹️

Paul Carney

Didn't watch it so can't comment on the play but this smacks of a bunch of players who didn't turn up, knew the top place was already in the bag and didn't want to get injured so they can get a shot at the European Rugby Champions Cup final. Frankly, they should all feel ashamed of themselves because it disrespects the jersey, the competition and the opposition. I was happy to take a losing BP today so John Muldoon could get a winning send off, but this... It's as if when we play in Europe we're a Ferrari and when we play in allegedly unimportant matches in the Pro 14 we're a banged up 1973 Škoda. Worst of all the wife's in a bad mood!!! I will always love and support the boys but today I don't like them very much and I hope they get a solid kick up their derrières #COYBIB

Richard Mifsud

Connacht were great value for the win, and all due congratulations should go to them. However that doesn't take away from the abject horror of that Leinster performance. It looked like it was sparking to life about 15 minutes in, but handling errors, set piece malfunctions and consistently losing in the collisions seemed to suck the life out of the side. It's concerning seeing a string of performances like this late in the season, I can only hope that it doesn't continue into the knockout stages.

Cian Ó Muilleoir

As I said to the 2 Leinster fans I met after. Ye have bigger fish to fry in next few weeks. Delighted for Mull to get the send off he deserves. His best day and last day are wins against Leinster.
Good bye 2 a Connacht legend and best of luck to Leinster rugby hope ye win the double.

Alan Eastwood

Everybody annoyed at Cian Healy attempting to charge down Muldoon's conversion but that was taking the piss. He was 100% correct to be angry.

Robbie Doyle

[reply] It really wasn't. No problem with the chargedown and no problem with Muldoon taking the conversion. The game itself was long over, as are season position, good on him for getting it.

Put a smile on my face after a dreary afternoon for us Leinster fans.

Dave Whelan

My Dad said that plenty of those Leinster players won't be on the plane to Bilbao. I had to correct him though and remind him that the first 23 need spare guys to hold tackle bags. 😁

Cian Ormond

The worrying thing is that we’ve lost 2 in a row in the Pro 14, fielding fairly similar teams, and on both occasions the intensity has been seriously lacking. We’ve been blown away at the breakdown, again, and that’s unacceptable considering it’s where we excelled v Scarlets. Very ‘end of season’ feel to both games considering there’s still so much to play for.

Stephen Girvin

A nothing match that mattered to one team and one player specifically. No one wants to lose but in reality I wasn't expecting much today, more concerned with getting through the game with no injuries. Well done to Connacht but Leinster have much bigger fish to fry.

Paul Smith

Is there a blurry line of an elephant starting to appear in the room with regard to away wins in the league.

Damien Doherty

A squad of 54 is too big, anyone who not now good enough or young enough to be good enough in a year or two needs to be culled. Set them free Leo set them free

Chris Mc

When you come at the #thanksmul

Neil Keegan

It was a cunning plan. Have Carbery & Byrne play so badly, no other province would want them.
Good of the rest of the lads to buy into the plan so wholeheartedly too. 😏
Joking aside, absolutely embarrassing stuff, with the possible exception of Barry Daly's overall contribution. If the Italians or the Kings shipped seven tries, there'd be "think pieces" on every rugby website questioning their worth to the league. No one played there way into the European reckoning but a fair few lads may have played their way out. Not good enough, not by a very, very long shot.

Derek McGee

Nice of us to give Mul such a BIG send-off.

Best Connacht performance I've seen since their Championship. Worst Leinster performance I've seen since the O'Connor days.

Surprised at the lack of intensity, aggression at the breakdown & poor tackling. These guys are doing the same training sessions as the 23 who played last week.

Whilst the first 23/25 are likely already pencilled in for the semi & the European Final, it's disappointing to see the lack of drive from many of the 'seconds' in pushing for consideration. Who knows what could happen in training between now & the semi & final?

Yeah, it was a dead-rubber game, with giving Mul a good send off the only thing to play for, but I don't think Leo & Stu expect that sort of half-assed effort from any Leinster team. The B&I As would have put in a more respectable performance.

Gavin Cullen

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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