Sunday, March 11, 2018

Online comments after Scarlets v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Frustrating to "lose" the 4 points in that manner but I would have snapped your hand off for even a draw earlier today.

Cormac Mannion

Owens & friends ...

Brian Patrick Donnelly

I'll take a draw, keeps Leinster ahead with a better run-in, could've easily lost the game, gave away stupid penalties

Ciarán Bass

That was just fecken rediculous. The number of silly penalties we gave away was dreadful. Wasted 4 pts........ glad this game is over! NO positives to take away at all. I'm going for a bottle of Malbec & a GIANT bar of Bournville chocolate lol 😉 P. S. Hope SOB is ok. Really feel for the tank tonight 😓

Joe Sheppard

I'll take away from home without the frontliners.

Dave Murray

Lowe once again can be hot and cold. Needs to work on defence. Still our run in is pretty good. Scarlets go to Munster next.

Colin Campbell

A single Pro14 match this weekend yet they still cant manage to produce a neutral ref for this match.

Andrew Bailey

Gave it away at the end. Hope SOB is not serious. Gutted for him, the disappointment/frustration evident on him as he went off.

Elaine Cully

gutted for Sean, was so looking forward to his return to form and seeing him back for Leinster and Ireland. We are still top of the table and thankful for that. . Thankfully we are bringing TB back home, he is a power and hopefully will have a great future in Ireland. Scarlets will miss him!!

Sandra O'Brien

Good result for Leinster. Hate watching games with sky commentators they’re so biased to UK teams

Sandra Seery

Very harsh penalty for accidental offside in their in-goal area following the charge down. TMO even tried to steer him towards a scrum. Normally a fan of Owens but how can you decide it's a penalty if you have to check with the TMO to see then it's hardly deliberate. That was a turning point in the match. Still if you'd offered me 2 points before the match I'd have taken it.

Andrew Byrne

Jesus that was a turgid affair.

Jack Conan was good. James Lowe went from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Nigel Owens had an abysmal game but not in the way you’d expect me to say. I felt we got out of jail a few times because of his poor decisions.

Gary Gleeson

DK had his best game for I can't remember how long. Owens poor, but look, we've been on his good side for some dodgy moments in the past. Decent result and I imagine it should be enough for us to top the conference now.

Derek Tormey

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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