Sunday, March 11, 2018

Online comments after Ireland v Scotland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Editor's note - as the focus of this feature is opinion around the full time whistle, most of the comments below were posted before France v England kicked off, so Ireland were yet to be confirmed as champions.

5 points. Job done. What about Stockdale. Bring on the English!!

Imelda Reidy

The talent coming through that squad is epic

Simon Boyne

Cian Healy needed a HIA, medical team should expect an utter bollocking and rightly so.

Dave Campbell

The strength in depth Ireland has with all the lads coming through is amazing. If we didn't draw bogeys teams at the next WC we might do really well

Darragh Crossan

The dream lives on. Was scrappy in places particularly breakdown and fringes. But Scotland and to a lesser degree Wales are probably the best in the championship in those areas and we got by them. Huge match next week.

Dónal Foley

Ringrose should have been Man of the Match!

Aidan Finn

Yes yes yes yes yes yes 😍😍😍🏉🏉🏉💚💚💚

Edel Bethel

Still those defensive frailties on the flank...Stockdale should have stayed outside and trusted the men inside....the score line flatters us....Scotland aren’t as bad as that score would suggest. They just didn’t take their chances. This game ought to have been a lot closer.

Paul McSweeney

Another Schmidt Sinfonietta. Even through my nerves I could see the plan unfolding. A bit nervous in the first 15 then the intercept gift calmed them down. After that we wrote Joe’s story perfectly and showed why we’re where we are in world rankings. It was clinical and professional. It’s almost as if they know what to do every second of the match in terms of when to apply pressure, when to ease off, when to razzle dazzle and when it’s up the jumper. Thoroughly elated and a happy bunny 🏉☘️

Richard Mifsud

Leavy should have been man of the match. (Lesser point).
Worried Ringrose won't be round next week 😯🤔.
Scotland passing flattered an Irish scoreline.
Ireland's defense system out wide worries Me, we got lucky there at times.
Sometimes got isolated...

3 great lineout steals.
4 good tries.
Some good turnovers.
Some crunching tackles.

Great game !!!

Craig Grehan

Back row absolutely smashed it. This game was always gonna be won lost at the breakdown. Incredible display. A mention too for James Ryan, what a competitor. Now let's see what the English have.

Ro Molloy

Great result and the right result. Our pack did a functional job and our backs all (bar Earls) played brilliantly.
The Scottish play some fabulous rugby though. We won and all but I still envy their style of play to be honest.

Iain O'Connor

Scotland constantly not supporting their body weight and got away with it, but made no difference. Russell rubbish today, but Ireland once they got going clinical efficient and pretty ruthless.

John Peeters

A confident, calm team performance. Strong in attack and defence. The quality of performance was good enough to win the championship, I hope we wrap that today.

Wayne O'Brien

Maybe the score line flattered Ireland but can’t knock a team that just continues to win. Ringrose had a stormer given how little rugby he has played i the past few months. Another four try game Joe knows what he is doing.

Noel Hewson

Good overall performance with improvements from our last match. Thought Wayne Barnes excelled today as not a great fan of his. interesting to hear him call out the first name of certain players.

Alex Davidson

I'll take that because.......

1. Great teams can play relatively poor and still win 😉

2. Great teams can stay in 3rd gear amd still win 🤔😉

3. Great teams take the opportunities given them and exploit them to win ☺

4. Great teams are built by great coaches...... we have the world's best tactical coach! FACT!

5. Great teams win the 6 Nations 3 times in 5 years! 😎

6. Now..... come Monday there's still planning of and the execution of winning a Triple Crown, a Grand Slam oh and a chariot to steal to drive down O'Connell Street 😎

Joe Sheppard

Scotland left a bunch of tries on the park through self inflicted errors. We capitalised and took ours. We are 6Nth champions with a lot to work on, a lot of players to come back. I think we have the best squad I've seen in 30 years. However, we need to step it up a few more levels if we want to lift the rwc.

Dave Kavanagh

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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