Sunday, January 21, 2018

Online comments after Montpellier v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Good 2nd half.......professional.

Declan Smith

Brilliant 2nd half performance. Great defensive display. Only blemish is the two lineout tries but we kept Nandolo quiet which is no easy task.

Colin Campbell

6 out of 6. Commanding performance to cap off a great group stage. On to the quarters now.

George Larkin

Gritty and ultimately a determined performance to get a W in France. Particularly impressed with 2nd half performance. Fully believe we are serious contenders for a fourth star on our shirts this year.

Wayne O'Brien

This was a result born not from silky skills, pinpoint kicking and champagne rugby but from muscle, intelligence, maturity, focus & above all, brilliant coaching. There was such a shift in the second half attitude that it could only have come from the coaches at half time. Whether it was a clinical analysis or a wallpaper-peeling rocket, we'll probably never know but either way, it worked. Our best campaigns in the past are still pockmarked by defeats away in France where a losing BP was (rightly) considered a good result so to go away to France to a team who just don't lose at home & beat them soundly (with a much changed side, it should be noted) has to go down as one of the great Leinster Rugby european away days.

Derek McGee

God be with the days a win on French soil against the leaders of the top 14 would be the biggest news in Irish rugby! The Leinster machine rolls closer to Bilbao.

Mick Keogh

Lots of impressive performances especially Byrne, Ryan and Cronin. Lowe is high risk high reward do you risk him in a big game ? Team really hitting a high and consistent level of play. Cullen and Lancaster doing a good job.

Noel Hewson

Good performance. Took a lead. Lost it. Regained composure. Retook the lead. Held it. Won. Job done.

Martin Loughrey

Really bad decision making to challenge the throw on those two line outs; just set and defend. Otherwise exemplary.

Derek Tormey

Fantastic result in France & Cronin put in an immense shift for MOTM. Great mixture in play & overall controlled it for at least 60 mins. We were however horrible under the high ball which doesn’t really matter as achieving 90% of group points on offer is consummately outstanding 😎

David White

Superbly professional job done by a superb professional team. Toughest group in the tournament and Leinster totally dominated it from game 1 to game 6. Delighted Leinster fan today 😁

Paul Smith

Thank you , players, coaches, back room people, admin, et all, you have given us so much to be grateful for

Peter Byrne

6 wins from 6. You can't ask for more than that. Fair play Leinster.

Imelda Reidy

Big difference now is that we have a quality squad with strong cover across all positions , injuries to almost any player is well covered by an equally strong replacement- roll on the quarters.

Niall Hanrahan

Good game, good result but definitely some worrying moments in the first half. Not overly confident about Lawes defence on that wing. Hopefully though it's the experience requisite for him to adapt to our defensive strategy in time now for the quarters. Leinster players play from their hearts and their heads and give it all. Onwards and upwards lads and remember - second best is nothing. It must be all out legal and controlled annihilation with no prisoners from here on in.

Brendan Coote

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.
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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019